The following is a list of characters in Me and The Eds

  • Jason
Saturday the 31st

  • Jason will appear in the season 2 episode, Saturday the 31st.  He will be a kid version of Jason Voorhees. He rides a chopper-ish bike that actually has a motor and wields a chainsaw as a weapon. He was murdered by Kevin near the end of the episode. All that lies left of him is his goalie mask.

  • Greg and Kyle

Episode of Apperance: The Day the Cul-de-Sac Stood Still

  • Greg and Kyle are human versions of Gort and Klaatu from TDTESS. Greg wears mostly gray clothes and has a visor built into his head which halts a laser that fires once it's lifted. Kyle is his mentor to control him.

  • Many Faces

Episode of Apperance: Half and Half

  • Many Faces is a character who has 2 personalities. He was given the name because he wears a mask that has a differnt color scheme on each half. His real name is unknown.

  • Lizzy and Izzy

Episode of Apperance: Not seen

  • Nazz's 2 sisters who she has only seen when she turned 12 before EEnE started. Since they were only together for the one time, the pulled a Girls Gone Wild on the cul-de-sac. Nazz says that the 2 have since been killed when they dared Nazz to go streaking at a pool party and she gunned them down.

  • Ms. Imbetterthanyou

Episode of Apperance: Every episode that takes place at PCJH

  • Ms. Imbetterthanyou is PCJH's witch. She calls Eddy Mr. Mcworkburger because "She's better than him". She always makes Eddy stay after school to scrape gum off chairs and desks (which in return he has to eat).

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