The following is a List of EDS Enterprise Crew Members in Ed Trek.


  • Casimus Prime/ Captain Prime
  • Edd/ Dr. Edd (Acting Captain)


  • Edd/ Dr. Edd (also acting-captain)
  • Ed/ Lt. Ed (also on weapons)
  • Beth/Officer Beth (promoted to Captain)
  • Phineas/ Officer Phineas


  • Eddy/ Officer Eddy
  • Nazz/Commander Nazz (promoted to Officer)
  • Kevin/ Officer Kevin (promoted to Officer

Enterprise Oath

"I (name) do sommonly swear to pledge my alligeance to the Edstarfleet and under command of Captain Casimus "Prime" Kirk. I will never leave, betray or ignore my orders and my alligeance. So help me lord".