These are the episodes from the series of Ed: The Last Airbender. There are three books. Water, Earth and Fire.


# Episode Title Episode Description
1 The Ed in the Iceberg Two Preteens, Eddy and Nazz find a mysterious boy in an iceberg named Ed. They then find out he is an Airbender and the Avatar. They bring him to their water tribe village. The young boy mistakingly alerts a Fire Nation ship of his whereabouts, and causes panic in the village
2 The Avatar Returns When Kevin locates the Southern Water Tribe village where Ed has been, he demands the Avatar be surrendered to him. Ed returns into the village, despite having been banished, to surrender himself to Kevin as long as he agrees to leave the village alone. Aboard Kevin's ship, Ed is at Kevin's mercy, but he eventually manages to maneuver away from the guards and to battle Kevin.
3 The Southern Air Temple Ed suggests a visit to the Southern Air Temple, where he tells stories of his old mentor and shows his friends the games he used to play. Upon discovering that the Fire Nation eradicated his people, Ed becomes angry and enters the Avatar State, alerting the world to the Avatar's existence. Kevin and his uncle run into Commander Jonny, who learns that the Avatar has been found. Kevin then challenges Jonny to a duel over the right to track the Avatar, which Kevin wins. Ed is comforted by his friends, who tell him they are his family now.
4 The Warriors of Planet Kyoshi Ed brings the group to Planet Kyoshi, to ride the giant Koi Birds, and are captured by a group of female warriors. Ed reveals he is a reincarnation of their founder, Avatar Kyoshi, so the villagers celebrate "the arrival of the Avatar". Unfortunately, the message gets to Kevin. While Kevin sails to Kyoshi Island, Eddy befriends the warrior leader, Lee, who manages to change his sexist attitude. She teaches Eddy the warrior skills of Kyoshi, and Eddy does well. Then Kevin attacks the village, and burns it down in search of Ed. Lee turns out to have a crush on Eddy, and Team Avatar leaves the village. At the end, Ed manages to ride the Unagi and make it burst water out of its mouth which stops the village from burning down completely.
5 The King and Ed The group arrive at the Earth Kingdom city of Omashu. There Ed shows Nazz and Eddy the famous mail delivery system, which he and his friend Rolf used to ride for fun a hundred years ago. The trio give the chutes a try, but run into trouble after being discovered. Omashu's old king discovers Ed is the Avatar, and puts him through three deadly challenges to test his skills. After successfully completing his challenges, Ed discovers the King is his old friend Rolf.
6 Imprisoned Ed, Nazz, and Eddy camp near a small Earth Kingdom town that is controlled by the Fire Nation, which bans Earthbending. Nazz convinces a young Earthbender named Haru to save an old man with Earthbending, causing Haru to be imprisoned. Nazz then devises a plan to get herself arrested to free him. While at the prison, Nazz incites a rebellion which inspires the prisoners to liberate themselves and free their cities. After Nazz inspires them to liberate themselves she realizes her mother's necklace disappeared, and it turns out that Kevin found it and took it
7 Winter Solstice Part 1: Spirit World An Earth Kingdom village is being attacked by a monster from the spirit world. The monster, Hei Bai, captures Eddy, and Ed decides to go after him. Ed accidentally ends up in the Spirit World, where he is to that Avatar Jimmy has a message for him. Ed proceeds to calm the beast, restoring peace to the village. Meanwhile, Iroh gets captured by the Earth Kingdom. This causes Kevin to stop his chase for the Avatar and instead go save Iroh.
8 Winter Solstice Part 2: Avatar Jimmy Ed travels to the Fire Temple to receive the message from Avatar Jimmy on the Winter Solstice. They are chased by Kevin and attacked by a Fire Nation blockade led by Jonny. When Ed gets to the temple he is shocked to learn the five Fire Sages there are no longer the Avatar's allies. However, a friendly sage helps Ed get the message, where Jimmy then informs Ed about Sozin's Comet which will give the Fire Nation the power to finish the war. Aang defeats Jonny, Kevin and the Sages when he manifests the spirit of Jimmy, who destroys the temple.
9 The Waterbending Scroll Nazz begins teaching Ed Waterbending, and finds a Waterbending scroll at a store run by pirates. After Nazz steals the scroll, the pirates chase the group, though they manage to escape. Meanwhile, Kevin runs into the pirates and agrees to help them find Ed and the scroll that Nazz stole. Kevin proceeds to capture Nazz and the pirates capture Ed and Eddy. A fight breaks out between Kevin's crew and the pirates. During the commotion, the group escapes with the scroll.
10 Edd, the Freedom Fighter A band of Lemon Brook fighters, led by the rogue Edd, rescue Ed, Nazz, and Eddy from a small group of Fire Nation soldiers. Edd invites the team back to their hideout, where the group plots out its attacks against the Fire Nation. Edd and Nazz decide to help Edd "save" a nearby Earth Kingdom town, but Edd's real intent is to destroy the village. Eddy manages to evacuate the city in time to save them.
11 The Great Divide The gang arrive at the Great Divide, the world's largest canyon. Two Earth Kingdom tribes bicker to themselves about how to cross the canyon, being enemies for 100 years. Ed helps them cross the canyon together and is able to end the feud by fabricating a story about their ancestors.
12 The Storm A storm brings back painful memories from the past. Ed's memories are from 100 years ago at the Southern Air Temple. Kevin's was about being banished by his cousin, Eddy's Brother.
13 The Blue Spirit Eddy and Nazz catch the chicken pox, and Ed goes to a herbalist to find the cure. After finding it, Ed is caught and imprisoned by Jonny. A warrior with a blue mask rescues him and they escape together. Ed discovers the warrior is none other than Kevin, and wonders if the two of them could be friends. Kevin attacks, but Ed escapes and cures his friends.
14 The Fortuneteller Nazz, Ed, and Eddy go to a village that relies solely on the predictions of a cloud-reading fortuneteller. Eddy is skeptical and tries to disprove all the predictions. Upon discovering a nearby volcano is about to erupt, they manipulate the clouds as a warning to the oblivious villagers. The group manages to evacuate the village before the volcano erupts.

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