Below is a List of Fanfic Stubs by the fans of Ed, Edd n Eddy. Please add your own ideas if you wish.

Note: These are just ideas, and are not fully completed fanfics, If you would like to read fully completed fanfics, consider visiting the List of Completed Fanfiction article.

Synopsis: Taking place six months after the Big Picture Show, the Eds and the kids are now one big popular family! But one face was missing...And his face will be one that the Eds and the kids will not forget after this. Check it out!

  • "Just My Ed"
    Idea by: Bime33
    Title reference: Just My Luck
    Plot: After having a successful scam Ed, Edd and Eddy rush to the candy store to buy jawbreakers, but they find out that the candy store was closed until tomorrow, then have to wait until the next day and figure out who will keep the money to spend the night, but then they start to fight over it through the night over the jar of money, and end up awake all night. When dawn comes they are all tired and weary and all fall asleep in the middle of the cul-de-sac, not knowing that the jar is in Ed's hand. When the day comes, Ed rolls over and all the quarters get knocked out of the jar and scatter everywhere, and by mid day they are all still asleep and then Jonny comes and finds all the quarters on the ground and yells out to the kids that there is money and everyone goes and gets all the money as the Eds were still asleep until Edd wakes up and realizes that they were asleep all day and now they lost their cash without noticing and they start arguing over whose fault it was that they lost their cash. And it continues for the day in that same pattern.

  • "Beyond the Ed"

Idea by: H5
Plot: After a scam gone wrong the Eds find themselves in detention. However Ed and Eddy learn more about Edd secret life!

  • Old Ed-er

Idea by: H5
Plot: Edd announces that his parents have brought him a pet dog for being a great student. He shows it to all the kids around the Cul-De-Sac and Edd names his dog Archemides. Jimmy becomes jealous of Edd and with the help of Gourd and Timber the Dark Shard he kidnaps Archemides. Edd must find his pet dog... even if he has to become a superhero himself... The Sock Warrior. A subplot involves a new character called Henry who's has just moved from England. He has brown hair, brown eyes and he's 13 years old. Nazz falls for him whilst Henry falls for Nazz.

  • "Criss Cross Ed"
    Idea by: Coco
    Summary: Ed, Edd, Eddy, Kevin, Rolf, Jonny, Plank and Jimmy are turned into girls and Sarah, Nazz, May, Marie and Lee are turned into boys after they all argue about how easy it is to be a girl(boys) and how easy it is to be a boy(girls). After spending a week as each others genders, they learned that about each other and they all say sorry for the argument. They turn back to normal in the end.

  • "The AfterEd"
    Idea by: Coco
    Summary: After the Cul-de-Sac kids and the Eds have a party, Jonny and Plank cause trouble as villains. The Eds and kids beat them up. Jonny and Plank are confused so everyone tells him what a jerk Eddy's brother is. Part 2 starts off as the Kanker sisters explore Eddy's brother's home and they torment Eddy's brother for always being an evil big brother and a bully then the police arrive to arrest Eddy's brother and everyone's. Part 3 kicks off as Eddy's brother is put on trial for beating on Eddy and Edd and for being a terrible person. The Eds, kids and Kankers show evidence proving that Eddy's brother is terrible. Eddy's brother gets a few months in jail.

  • "King of the Ed"
    Idea by: Coco
    Summary: After the Eds watch a marathon of medieval movies, they dream about life in the Cul-De-Sac in the middle ages. The twist to this dream is that the billions of people in the village look like them, the Cul-De-Sac kids and the Kankers. Some are knights while others are peasants, barbarians, archers, wizards, kings, queens, princesses, princes, witches, horses, dragons and so on. The mission is that the Eds have to take out Evil King Kevin, Witch Sarah, Rolf the Barbarian, Kanker Dragons, Evil Tree Plank, and Prince Jimmy in order to save 3 princesses that look like Nazz.

  • "In an Ed Near You"
    Idea by: Coco
    Summary: The Eds decide to make their own cartoon, but Kevin, Jimmy and Sarah decide to butt in. An animation war starts when Eddy sees what they think he, Ed and Edd are like to them.

  • "Life's an Ed"
    Idea by: Anonymous user
    Summary: A new kid is on the block, but during his life in his previous school he was bullied so badly, that his only friends are his exotic pet collection. His first day at school starts, and every one now knows he is a 'reptile geek' and everyone is alright with it, well everyone but Kevin who start bullying. Bad news for Kevin though is that because he started bullying the new kid, he has became even more unpopular than the Eds.

  • "I Will Have Order in my Ed"
    Idea by: Coco
    Summary: Eddy is sick and tired of Sarah telling Ed what to do all the time. Eddy bets her to go three days without commanding Ed, but as time passes and she has no one to do things she is too lazy to do herself, Sarah starts to lose her sanity. Happy to see her like this, Eddy invites Edd and Ed to watch and record it.

  • "Party in the Ed"
    Idea by: Coco
    Summary: It's finally the first day of Summer again and the Eds have finished building their incredibly giant tree house with many rooms called "The Eds' Pad". Kevin, Jimmy and Sarah hear about this and they tell Nazz, Rolf, Jonny and Plank. That night, they move all their favorite stuff inside and decide to claim it as their own and rename it "The Anti-Dork Zone". Just when the Eds were about move in, they find out that Kevin made a motocross room and a jock room, Nazz made her own room filled with her favorite stuff, Jimmy and Sarah get a toy room, Rolf makes his animals a room while he gets a old-looking room filled with his furniture, Johnny and Plank made their bedroom in one room. There are 3 bathrooms, a kitchen and a work-out room which is a huge room filled with tons of objects that are supposed to look like the Eds so it looks like they're beating up the Eds. Eddy gets upset and drags Ed and Edd into this. Together, they set out venture in every room to confront Kevin and the others and reclaim their tree house. In the end, the tree house gets busted and Eddy laughs in Kevin's face while Edd points out that if it wasn't for homework and school, the tree house would have only been completed in 7 hours. Eddy makes a "No Ed-Haters Allowed" sign but everyone else chases the Eds away.

  • "Here Today, Ed Tomorrow"
    Idea by: Yoshimad123
    Summary: When the teacher leaves the classroom, the kids go haywire and start throwing objects around the classroom (Well, all but Edd). A book hits Edd in the head, making him temporarily lose his intelligence for a day.

  • "Return of Mr. Yum Yum: The Final Hare and the Final Bear"
    Idea by: Brian Lacy, CEO of Brian Lacy and Associates
    Summary: The original Mr. Yum Yum, horribly disfigured and now a stuffed animal with two heads from the original stuffed rabbit and the teddy bear, and with four arms, four legs, and you get the idea of the two combined, takes his revenge on Ed and begins a campaign of horror to take out his murderers, Kevin and Ed. Edd, hurrying home, finds him in The Lane, slightly damaged. Knowing that the toy belongs to Jimmy, he takes it home and repairs the bear. The next day. Monday. he presents the fused stuffed animal to Jimmy, who leaps with joy. Nazz, finding him "the sweetest and kisses him," Kevin begins to hold the Eds in high esteem, while Sarah stops bossing Ed around. The Kankers make a run for the Eds at lunch, but the rest of the kids organize under Kevin and beat them back. Edd says that this is the greatest episode in his whole life, while Eddy hopes it will be a whole seasons-worth episode. Unfortunately, at night, Mr. Yum Yum. slips away, leaving a decoy with Jimmy to cover his tracks. In the morning, the kids head out on the school bus, surprisingly without Kevin and Ed, much to everyone's dismay. When they arrive, however, they notice that Ed and Kevin are hanging in their underwear, otherwise bare, from the school flagpole. Eventually, their weight causes them to fall down, embarrassing themselves in front of everyone, much to their dismay. Later on, Edd checks the schools security cameras tapes, finding evidence of Mr. Yum Yum's treachery. Upon telling Jimmy, he is forced to keep his mouth shut, however, for Jimmy's fear of retribution. Around lunch, two well placed banana peels cause Kevin and Ed to slip. At the end of the school day, the bus pulls up. The driver, his face not seen by the camera, steps out of the bus. As he tells them to get in, Kevin and Ed are the first to go in. Before anyone else enters, the school bus is destroyed in a spectacular explosion, knocking everyone else aside. Four fire trucks, two ambulances, and ten police cars come along quickly. Ed and Kevin are rushed to the hospital, and are treated for minor injuries. Later on, with the bus out of service, the kids are forced to walk in the cold rain. However, Edd has the feeling that more attacks will come.

  • "Music to my Ed"
    Idea by: Captian melon head
    Summary: Ed and Eddy open a CD store. Meanwhile, Double D gives Rolf English lessons.

  • "Ed-Crubs"
    Idea by: Captian melon head
    Summary: Ed thinks Eddy has Leper, so he puts him in a plastic ball.

  • "Master of Ed"
    Idea by: Paul cochran
    Summary: The Eds find out that Sarah and Jimmy are the ones tricking Ed into thinking the sky is falling so the Eds start chasing them while Sarah and Jimmy disguise themselves.

  • "Hurricane Ed"
    Idea by: Paul cochran
    Summary: A hurricane hits the cul-de-sac. The Eds and the Kids survive but the Eds are lost in the woods.

  • "Back to Ed"
    Idea by: D.F.
    Summary: Eddy decides to become part of the school's news crew, but has to be paired up with Kevin. Eddy must endure being Kevin's partner, or he fails and he won't pass to the next grade!

  • "Arm-Edling"
    Idea by: D.F.
    Summary: Ed is summoned by the Urban Rangers to participate in a badge called "The All-Mighty Arm of Strength" badge which involves harder challenges than in "The Good, The Bad and The Ed", to test his true strength, and the final part of the challenge is a fight with Rolf!

  • "Did I Miss Any Ed?
    Idea by: TheBiggestEdFan
    Summary: At the school the Eds are given a test, but Eddy gets a detention for yelling. Eddy then misses Jawbreaker Day at the cafeteria and goes crazy. See my user page for more info.

  • "A New Ed"
    Idea by: Jedijake123
    Summary: Edd tells Ed and Eddy that he has a little sister on the way. So Eddy comes up with a plan to raise the child to be just like him.

  • "Serving thy Ed"
    Idea by: NiteKlown
    Summary: When Ed unintentionally saves Kevin's life, Kevin begins treating Ed with respect and doing all sorts of favors for Ed. Eddy sees this as a golden opportunity to gain access to Kevin's garage of Jawbreakers until he finds out there won't be another jawbreaker in his garage for another 3 months.

  • "All or Ed"
    Idea by: NiteKlown
    Summary: The school year is coming to a close and there is one more test left but due to Ed and Eddy's poor grades, they must get an A++ in order to pass the year. If they don't pass, both Ed and Eddy's parents will send them to military school as punishment. Edd must make both Ed and Eddy study hard as he won't resort to cheating (much to Eddy's displeasure).

  • "Gone for Good"
    Idea by: Anonymous user
    Summary: The Eds find out they are going to different high schools. Meanwhile, Eddy's Older Brother starts scamming the Cul-de-Sac.

  • "Tired of Ed"
    Idea by: Brittonbubba
    Summary: Ed stops being annoying, Sarah's #1 dream. But she misses her old times with him so she vows to Ed if he's annoying she will use her words.

  • "I've Got to Ed!"
    Idea by:TheBiggestEdFan
    Summary: Eddy does not know what to do, so Ed comes up with an idea about sharing memories.

  • "For All My Ed"
    Idea by: Nose Picking Banana
    Summary: Everyone is greeted by the New kids on the block, Reg and Velvet, who annoy everyone: Ed because he is stronger, stupider, and more knowledgeable than both Ed and Edd (Which ticks him off too). Kevin because he is cooler (Leather Jacket, Girlfriend etc.). Rolf and Jonny 2x4 because he despises everything he does and often teases Rolf on his strange native ways. Nazz because everyone loves Velvet more than her.

  • "Eds Party"
    Idea by:Yang the Hedgehog
    Summary:The Eds can not think of an idea, but after finding 2 Retro vans in the Junkyard, they use Ed's super human strength to bring everything to Eddy's house. The Eds throw a party which everyone in the Cul-de-Sac are invited to. Ed takes care of the music and movies at the party, Eddy provides video games (for PS2, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo 64) and Edd (Double-D) and Rolf are in charge of meals and refreshments. The party turns out to be a success! Edd (Double-D) shows his love for May Kanker, and even Marie and Lee Kanker discover new crushes.

  • "March of the Eds"
    Idea by: CougarKid10
    Summary: When everyone at Peach Creek Jr. High is assigned a video assignment to make a short documentary about themselves, Eddy cant resist but screwing with everyone else's tapes.

  • "Your Just Ed Time"
    Idea by: TDIMan7
    Summary: Eddy tries to make Ed's Birthday the best in Peach Creek, but Kevin has other things in mind.

  • "Ready, Set, Ed"
    Idea by: Webkinz Mania
    Summary: The Eds race Kevin, Plank and Johnny but things start to go wacky after Ed starts throwing the cart's parts on the road.

  • "Use Your Ed"
    Idea by: Webkinz Mania
    Summary: Eddy tries to get people smarter with their Smarty Pants scheme but Double D spills the beans after the Kankers come.

  • "High School Music-Ed"
    Idea by: NiteKlown
    Summary: When the high school musical arrive, Rolf, Eddy and Ed organize a plan to avoid going and performing in front of their parents.

  • "Back to the Ed-ture"
    Idea by: Edzilla
    Summary: Ed finds a time-travel truck in the Junkyard and goes back in time in thye year of 1934. He thens sets out to see who invented gravy. When he meets the creator, he starts to gobble upn all the gravy he can get. When the creator's police force chase after him, Ed realizes he has to get back to the year 2010.

  • "I'm and Ed-Boy"
    Idea by: Edzilla
    Summary: Like the episode Urban Ed, Eddy decides to build an old western town. but the Kankers arrive at the same time when the other kids arrive. The Eds are then forced to fight them old western style, again!

  • "Ed, Edd n Eddy's Home for Make 'Em Up Guys"
    Summary: When the Eds find out that Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends,the three Eds have each of their own creative ideas: Ed wants to see the friends, Edd wants to observe the friends and take notes, while Eddy wants to sell the imaginary friends for money to buy jawbreakers for his comrades.

  • "Eddyology"
    Idea By: -- Ultor NoBack Jspyster1 [Message]
    Summary: Desperate to come up with a scam, Eddy decides to start his own religion in hopes of people paying to join his group. Unfortunately, things don't turn out as planned when Jimmy is the only member of his cult. This is a work in progress.

  • "Goldilocks and the 3 Eds"
    Idea by: Mr Serious
    Summary: Ed and Eddy made a scam called Wet the Ed. Ed was chosen as the victim but the scam was interrupted when the sun made the water dry up, The cul-de-sac has no more water to drink and they all have to go to the shop to get some water. Each has been rewarded 1 dollar and it must only be spent on water. However, Eddy wants it on Jawbreakers instead.

  • "7 Deadly Eds"
    Idea by: Mr Serious
    Summary: A Raccoon was interrupted by Eddy searching for Spiders. Ed decides to name him Edmand making him the fourth Ed. Meanwhile, Edd was constructing a cloning machine. They all went inside the chambers and each have a clone of them. However things turn ugly when the raccoon entered the chamber.

  • "South Ed"
    Idea by: Mr Serious
    Summary:The Eds when dressing up as homeless people for fun. However it fooled the other kids into thinking they are really homeless people or refugees so they gave them 20 bucks each. However, Eddy looses the money and they must chase it to get it back.

  • "The Golden Ed"
    Idea by: EriKay
    Summary: A believed pig related disease (A parody of swine flu) causes everyone to believe Rolf's pigs are the cause and as the disease sweeps the cul-de-sac, everyone wants Rolf to get rid of his pigs.

  • "The Ed-Pire Strikes Back"
    Idea by: Anonymous fan
    Summary: While walking home from another Friday, Eddy invites Edd and Ed to his house. While watching TV, a news broadcast reports several meteorite hits across the world. The Ed's are totally freaked out, but Edd decides to investigate. While sleeping, Edd hears a loud crash. He looks out the window and discovers a meteorite has stricken the Cul-de-Sac! Edd sets up a listening post and discovers that an alien has come out of the meteorite! The next morning, Edd tells all of the cul-de-sac to ban together and take down the aliens. Kevin sets up a strategy and Edd devises weapons. They go and confront the alien, only to find out that all of the meteorites across the world have been hatched and are going to destroy the Earth. They also learn that the mother ship will arrive in three days. They go and find the aliens weakness: water. The entire cul-de-sac constructs an enormous water ray and several water blasters. On the night of the invasion, they ready the cannons and destroy the force, only to learn that that was a decoy and the REAL mother ship will come in seventy-four hours. On the night of the REAL invasion, the military, navy and every military unit help the cul-de-sac and destroy the entire force!

  • "Ed Mongo Stink Bomb"
    Idea by:Anonymous
    Summary: The Kankers get a hold of Eddy's recipe for the El Mongo Stink Bomb, causing chaos. Meanwhile, a new kid named Tony moves to the Cul-de-Sac.

  • "Cousin Ed"
    Idea by: Manta-bee
    Summary: Edd's two cousins Molly and Sandy come to visit the Cul-de-Sac for Spring Break. Sandy, Edd's younger cousin (about the same age as Sarah and Jimmy) may be young, but she is very intelligent for her age. Edd's older cousin Molly (who is about two years older than him) is somewhat rowdy. Kevin even seems to be fond of her and she usually finds a way to pull the plug on Eddy's plans.

  • "Ed Hunting"
    Idea by: Edboy 55
    Summary: The episode begins with the Eds stealing Jimmy's dolls to sell to Sarah. Naturally, they fail miserably when Sarah recognizes them and beats the Eds to a pulp. As the Eds heal their injuries they reflect on how they came to know all the kids. More to Come!

  • "Total Drama Ed"
    Idea by: xXButteredToastXx
    Summary: After Eddy watches a TV show similar to Total Drama Island, he decides to create a scam similar to it, involving many dangerous challenges and $1 million (fake) for a one quarter entrance fee. The kids fail to complete the challenges and end up in the hospital. But the Kankers show up and manage to complete all of the challenges and beat up the Eds for not giving them the money.

  • "Galactic Edventures"
    Idea by: Anonymous user
    Title reference to':Galactic Adventures (Spore Expansion pack)
    Summary:Ed invites the other kids to a dinner party because he is moving tomorrow, out of the cul-de-sac to the city. The others don't want Ed to go, so they joined forces with Double-D and Eddy in order to prevent Ed from moving.

  • "Ed Tycoon"
    Idea by: Anonymous user
    Title Reference to: Zoo Tycoon
    Summary: Ed dreams he was back in time during the dinosaurs. He encounters two dinosaurs named Edmontosaurus and Edmontonia. As he woke up, he sees Double-D and Eddy and thinks they were the two dinosaurs he encountered in his dreams.

  • "Ed, Edd, Eddy and Eddie
    Idea by: Mr Serious
    Title Reference to: Ed, Edd n Eddy
    Summary: A new kid named Eddie moved into the cul de sac. The eds befriend him and thought he can help them with scams, however, Eddie only likes real jobs and is frightened of scams so he gives them a real job instead. Eddy's dream of Jawbreakers is coming true.

  • "Edvenged"
    Idea by: Anonymous user
    Summary: Kevin ruins Eddy's scam again; so the Eds want revenge, again.

  • "Rail-Ed Tycoon"
    Idea by: Anonymous user
    Summary: The Eds' ride on a train. Soon with the railroads permission, they run trains to and fro but dangers lay ahead!

  • "The Ed of the World"
    Idea by: Anonymous user
    Title Reference to: The End of the World
    Summary: Once in the cul-de-sac there were two world destroyers named Ted and Ned. They were gonna destroy the cul-de-sac with shredders and hammers and lava and alot of other stuff. And yes, including bombs. All the kids in the cul-de-sac were gonna P.A.N.I.C but Ted used a remote that made all the doors get shut down. Edd keeps hearing destruction and goes out to investigate. But once he had gone out he just opened his jaw long. He closed the door and all he did was P.A.N.I.C. So did Ed and Eddy. Its the end of the world as they know it!(Note:This is also the first time plank is destroyed.)

  • "Ed Is Not The Answer"
    Idea by: Anonymous user
    Summary: After being beaten up by the kids due to a failed amusement park scam, the Eds decide to fake their deaths in order to make the kids feel bad for them, but that plan doesn't sit so well with Edd.

  • "Dream a Little Ed"
    Idea by: Captain Eddy
    Title Reference to: Dream a Little Dream
    Summary: For once, the Eds' scamming antics go right! At the Candy store, the boys buy special, limited edition jawbreakers that remain mysterious in flavor name-wise. That night at Eddy's house, the boys enjoy their jawbreakers over an unnamed horror film. Eddy then falls asleep and dreams that he, Ed, and Edd are treasure-hunters looking for a lost tomb of treasure (ironically, jawbreakers) guarded by an ancient curse. In this dream, Eddy imagines Kevin as the evil Pharoah, the Kankers as Eddy's rival treasure-hunting team, Jonny as the guardian of the tomb, Jimmy and Sarah serve as some native kids playing with toys, while Rolf serves as someone trying to warn the visitors to leave. Nazz serves as Eddy's love interest in this dream as well.

  • "The Karate Ed"
    Idea by: Anonymous user
    Summary: The kids are picking on Edd, and he wants it to stop. But Eddy wants to make some cash, so he holds a karate tournament. Then he bets that Edd will win. Knowing he is unable to win he seeks help from a master said to live in the mountains (By Eddy). But Edd actually does find this man, and begs for his help. He agrees. He trains Edd in reflexes, speed and strength. Having learned Martial arts Edd returns to the cul-de-sac. He defeats everyone until he reaches the finals to face Kevin. He defeats him easily. Kevin, who is furious has the others help him. Edd knowing he couldn't beat them all (Kevin, Rolf, Jonny, Sarah, Nazz and Jimmy). He reveals that he has weighted collars on his legs, and arms. He removes them, becoming faster. In doing so they can't land a hit on him. After beating them all Edd side kicks Eddy in the face for betting.

  • "The Incredible Ed"
    Idea by: Anonymous user
    Title reference to: The Incredible Hulk
    Summary:- Eddy is planning a new scheme, while, Ed plans to give his brand new yo-yo with Rolf in exchange for some chickens. Double D, thinks that this plan is poor, because Rolf already had a yo-yo, which Ed gave him. Ed, however goes to get some. But in his way to Rolf's farm, Eddy gets a plan for his newest scheme, and puts a pebble in Ed's shoe, turning him to his furious bully form, and Ed starts attacking all the children of cul-de-sac. No one is safe when Ed is at large. Eddy tells Kevin (who has two broken legs and a broken arm) that he could get rid of Ed for a dollar. After he gets his fee, Eddy takes out the pebble out of Ed's shoe. Ed, returning to his happy go lucky personality, finds out that he has lost his yo-yo (which had fallen out of his pocket, while he was breaking Kevin's house). Next victims were the Kankers. Edd was terrified and was sure that Ed cannot beat the Kankers, tells Eddy that it is a bad idea. But Eddy, determined to earn money, unleashes the beast within Ed and Double D is proved wrong. Ed completely massacres the Kankers. When Sarah comes to know about Ed, She starts yelling at her older brother. The hulk Ed beats her up ruthlessly. Thus earning quick money, Eddy finally attacks Jimmy. After Jimmy hands Eddy his money, Eddy is unable to remove the pebble from Ed's shoe and the Monstrous Ed almost kills Eddy, but just in time, Ed's shoe was removed by own as Eddy forgot to tie the shoelace after the last attack. The good Ed then finds out there were lots of money around him and he decides to give them back to the kids, after Edd tells him who it belongs to. Eddy, with the whole body being fractured, ends up in the hospital, where all the kids (sans Ed and Edd) pay a visit to him and get their revenge.

  • "Video Ed"
    Idea by: Anonymous user
    Summary: The Eds are bored, so Double-D invents a video game. Things start to go haywire when they accidentally enter the game and must beat it or they will perish forever.

  • "The3Eds Ed"
    Idea By: Nazzie
    Summary: Kevin tries to take over

  • "Halo Ed"
    Idea by: Anonymous user
    Summary: The Eds join the Urban Rangers in order to save the solar system from the tyrant Kanker Sisters.

  • "Its an Ed, Ed, Ed, Ed, Ed, Ed, Ed, Ed World" Summary: Word gets around in the cul-de-sac that a VERY rich man has died and is offering $1,000,000 hidden in the cul-de-sac and the kids set out to find it.

  • "Edmagine This!"
    'Idea By: Webkinz Mania
    Title reference: Imagine This!
    Summary: The Eds have an imagination game until Plank wakes up from a dream about the Eds imagining that. But Plank notices the Eds are imagining in the real world after taking a walk with Johnny.

  • "I Think I'm an Ed Now"
    Idea by: Anonymous
    Title reference: I Think I'm a Clone Now (parody of I Think We're Alone Now)
    Summary: While trying to create a project for the science fair, Double D accidentally creates an exact copy of himself! At first, the concept of a "twin" seems thrilling, but then the clone turns out to be a devious womanizer and a thief that poses as Double D! Soon the whole cul-de-sac is hot on his tail. Will Double D and the other Eds be able to prove his innocence?!

  • "Great Edventure"
    Idea by: ButchWaffleton
    Title reference: Great Adventure
    Summary: The Eds get a free coupon in the mail to go to a great adventure. The coupon was in everyone's mail boxes in the cul-de-sac. Since that is the situation, they all decide to go together. They get a van for transportation, because it is a long ride. In the van they bring packed food, supplies, and other stuff. When they get there Jimmy is scared to death of all the rides. But Sarah confronts him. Jonny is very eager for the rides.

  • "Black Ed"
    Title reference: Black Hole
    Summary: Edd builds a rocket for Eddy as a scam. as they all go into space a black hole comes out of no where and sucks everyone up and then arrive in a twisted version of the cul-de-sac where everyone is evil now the gang as to fend of the evil gang while Edd tries to fix reality and find that black hole again while the whole world is after them to transform them evil.

  • "Ed Edd n Eddy: The Battle of the Ed"
    Idea By: Anonymous User
    Plot: A sequel to the movie, as the kids arrive back into the cul-de-sac, all friends, the Kankers reveal that Eddy's brother is on his way and wants revenge. As the kids scramble to protect the cul-de-sac, Eddy reveals more about why his brother hates him so much and, as he goes, the cast recall several important moments, such as the time Kevin and Eddy first met, Rolf's arrival to Peach Creek and Edd finally reveals what is under his hat (use your imagination, no he is not BALD!!!)

  • "Honey I Shrunk the Ed"
    Idea by: Anonymous User
    Plot: Double D has made a device that shrinks objects by 80%, Yet the gun is big as a cap-gun Ed and Eddy comes in, and Ed is Eating buttered toast.

  • "Ednition"
    Idea by: Anonymous User
    Plot: The Eds, The Urban Rangers, Nazz and Kevin discover an abandoned rocket, Unknown to them as Sarah and Jimmy, who follow them, they find out that the rocket still works!!!

  • "Foster's Home for Imaginary Eds"
    Parody of: Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
    Idea by: Anonymous user
    Story: Eddy gets grounded for a year, as he poisoned Rolf and his animals by adding foot powder on his sausages. Rolf who was recovered a month later gave Eddy a sausage to cheer him up, Meanwhile, Ed and Double D plan to free Eddy.

  • "Fantastic Mr. Ed"
    Title reference: Fantastic Mr. Fox
    Idea by: Anonymous user
    Story: Johnny 2x4 dreams Plank was alive and moving, he developed limbs and shook hand with johnny, however, Plank betrays Johnny and summons the tree branches to seize him and a giant wooden monster eats Johnny and Johnny woke up. Fearing Plank, Johnny decides to hang out with the Eds, meanwhile, a mysterious figure tries to burn Plank.

  • Edformers
    Parody of: Transformers
    Idea by:Anonymous user
    Story:A Jawbreaker mysteriously appears in Eddy's house, Eddy's brother reads the label, it's for Eddy, it was send by an unknown person. Eddy's Brother decides to keep it for himself.

  • I Taw a Putty Ed
    Title reference: Tweety's catchphrase ("I taw a putty cat")
    Idea by: Anonymous user
    Story: Eddy wanted to stay up late because he wanted to watch a really late night horror movie, apparently Eddy's brother forbids him because it was rated TV-MA, just like South Park, Eddy buys a parody of Grand theft Auto which was rated Mature 17+, Eddy's mom confiscates it. Eddy decides to go to bed, to think about how to be mature.

  • "Ed-y, Ed-y Bang Bang"
    Title reference: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
    Idea by: Anonymous user
    Story: The Eds open a go kart racing arena challenges Kevin for a race to win 25 cents. But if Kevin wins they become his slaves.
  • "Ed Wars"
    Title reference: Star Wars
    Idea by: Anonymous user
    Plot: the power goes out in peach creek (again), and eddy tells the story of star wars, which turns out to be this: Sarah (as Princess Leia) is captured by Kevin (as Darth Vader), and Jimmy (as Grand Moff Tarkin) on the Death Trailer (a parody of the death star), while Ed (as Luke Skywalker) is being taught by Rolf (as Obi-Wan Kenobi) to be an ed-i knight (parody of a Jedi knight), with their robots Edd, (as C-3P0), and Eddy (as R2-D2), with the help of Jonny( as Han Solo), and his friend Plank (as Chewbacca), as their destination is Sarah's home planet, but is destroyed by the death trailer, and later, it captures Ed,Rolf,Jonny,Plank,Edd,and Eddy. Ed rescues Sarah, and on the way, they find Rolf dueling with Kevin, who kills Rolf, but ed can hear his voice.They escape, and Ed is a selected fighter to destroy the death trailer. As all the other fighters fail, due to Kevin fighting too. however, Jonny and Plank knock Kevin out of sight, and Ed shoots a missile in the death trailers main window, destroying it. Ed, and Jonny are rewarded medals by Sarah. As the story ends, eddy tells the spoilers of return of the jedi, and the empire strikes back, and the power comes back.

  • "Apocalypse Ed"
    Plot: The Eds and the kids finally see Eddy's Uncle Jim (who likes Walter Kurtz) and he was a general from the Gulf war who got fired for having a spellbook and being insane. Uncle Jim thinks the cul-de-sac is a war-zone because he is crazy and decides to destroy with his spellbook. Now, the kids and the eds must stop Jim from destroying the cul-de-sac.

  • "The Big Ed-venture"
    Idea by: Solo28
    Plot: The Eds decide to quit scamming, so the Cul-de-Sac Kids celebrate and the Eds leave Peach Creek to have an Ed-venture. Eddy brings a map from his Brother to the Rockies, in which they stay at. Ed, Edd n Eddy buy a cabin with what's left of their Scammed Money.Eddy gets the idea to make Snow Jawbreakers. Edd thinks of Eddy's Idea as corny, but gets dragged into helping with it. Later, the Eds go fishing for Food. Ed accidentally catches Edd's Hat, in which it's exposed to the audience now as ------- (wait until I finish the Fan Fic) Edd decides he needs a new hat, and gets a ski hat. As time goes by, the Eds grow more and more tired of the Mountain Life and move back to the Cul-de-Sac.

  • "Ed Side Story"
    Idea by: Anonymous user
    Plot: Edd gets an idea that he could write a play. Ed and Eddy got bored so they agreed.Everyone auditioned everyone except Kevin. He wanted no part in the play. Then on opening night, all the parents showed up and were fighting because they thought that they're child would do the best.When the show started, Kevin's parents were wondering where he was. In the end Kevin's parents were disgusted while everyone else was happy.

  • "Common Ed Rivalry"
    Idea by:
    Plot: As Eddy leads Rolf, Sarah and Jimmy into his 'Petting Aquarium' he finds Kevin, who has smashed the glass in frustration after his bike got caught in the filter. As the fish drain into the sewer (and Ed's mouth) Eddy shouts at Kevin for ruining his scam. Kevin brushes Eddy off and pushes him into Edd, knocking them into the adjacent dumpster, the quarters returning to their rightful owners. Edd questions Eddy about Kevin's attitude, then recollects how the two used to be friends. Eddy dismisses the claims and pulls an eel out of Ed's throat (stopping him from choking). Eddy then overhears May reveal that she left her wallet in her locker, Edd, sensing trouble, warns Eddy that taking a person's wallet is a crime. Eddy claims that he only wants to return it (just not all of it). Clambering into a classroom window, the Eds minus Edd sneak into the hall, although Eddy is determined to figure out the combination, Ed finds a storage closet, after a few antics he find a science-fair volcano. Ed immediately drinks the vinegar and is about to grab the second bottle when Eddy yells "Bingo!" opening May's locker . Ed cheers and claims that the occasion calls for a drink, he immediately downs the bottle, the reaction is nigh instantaneous and Ed is blasted through a wall and he is buried in rubble. Eddy then smiles and slams the locker, revealing Kevin to be standing behind it, with a Hall Monitor sash (Which he claims to be a plot device after Eddy questions why he'd be 'Hall Monitoring' on a Saturday). Eddy tries to bargain with Kevin, but Kevin is unswayed. Suddenly, all the lights shut off and a giggle is heard. Eddy and Kevin begin to panic as the giggling gets louder and other noises begin to sound, eventually they grasp each other in fright before Marie captures them in a net, and Lee tightens ropes around them. Ed, who watches from under his cover, panics and sneaks away to find Edd.
    Moments later, Eddy and Kevin are tied up in chairs, the Kankers giving them a 'detention'. The Kankers eventually leave after Lee covers up Eddy in lip-stick, telling the two of them they'll be back when they've learned their lesson. Kevin then recalls that the situation seemed familiar, the scene then transitions into a similar instance a few years back. The younger boys are both in detention, that time Jonny was the perpetrator (The two had mocked young Plank earlier that day). In the present, Ed has informed Edd of the situation, thus the two have been planning a rescue mission, Edd is half-way through building a giant vacuum tank when Nazz shows up, asking what the two are doing and where Eddy is. They explain and Nazz seems to recall something similar happening.
    In the past and present simultaneously, Eddy and Kevin escape by hooking Eddy's sharp lip through Kevin's hat and pulling out the various tools within (increasing the similarities between Kevin and Edd). Cutting out of the ropes they hear the Kankers returning, quickly loosening the screws, the duo sneak through the vent. Slowly the two get closer and closer to escape, frequently having flash-backs that mirror their present situations. They constantly need to work together to continue, until eventually young Eddy is seen making the choice between saving Kevin from Jonny and escaping, choosing the latter, Kevin yells "Dork" for the very first time. In the present, the same thing is happening (sans Jonny, add Kankers), but Eddy is now determined to save Kevin, but after seeing Lee's kissy-lips, he turns back to the door, but as he touches the handle, it slams open, slamming him into the wall. Ed and Edd activate their rescue machine, but Eddy slams the door shut, clogging the vacuum, which explodes, shards of the glass bottle atop that was supposed to hold Eddy go flying, pinning the Eds by their shirts, to the walls. The Kankers, distracted, lose grip on Kevin, and he escapes, leaving the Eds to face the Kankers.
    It is revealed right before the credits that young Kevin would have done the same thing in Eddy's place, however, the two then spot Nazz, the true reason for their rivalry.

  • "In Ed Sight"
    Title reference: "In Plain Sight" (USA Network series)
    Idea by: Charlie Charrier
    Summary: Edd becomes a member of Witness Protection.

  • "Ed and Ed Sit in a Tree"
    Idea by: Charlie Charrier
    Summary: Ed thinks about the last few years with Edd and Eddy.

"I Am All Eds"
Title reference: I Am All Things
Idea by:
Summary: Kevin becomes aware that his personality and appearance reflects that of all the Eds in some form. He then tries to dismiss the idea and walks to the candy shop, he pulls out a dollar and is about to walk in when it is swiped by an owl in broad day-light. Later that day, he stacks a bicycle trick and smashes into Sarah, whom, seeing it out of context (she wasn't watching the trick), thinks he's being a bully, so she beats him up, a bit later, he recalls that similar things happen to the Eds all the time, he tries to calm down, telling himself that it's all in his head. Similar incidents of bad-luck (montage time) cause Kevin to think that he's turning into an Ed.
Eventually, Kevin turns up at Edd's house for assistance at being an Ed. Edd is a bit confused but happy to help, Ed clambers out of Edd's Ant Farm to state "Ooh! We can be Ed, Edd, Eddy and Salt-lick!"
When Eddy finds out about Kevin joining the team, he is initially suspicious, but decides to pull a scam, due to a lack of time, another montage plays out, and the Eds are shown failing each and every scam. Kevin states that they should just give up, and he realises that he lacks the one thing that would make him an Ed: Persistance.
Kevin then tries to return to the Cul-De-Sac as if nothing had happened, but everyone seems mad at him, clearly for the scams. As shadows loom over Kevin, he exclaims that "[he] could really use a 'Kevv and Kevvy' about now!"

  • "Ed Side Story"
    Idea by: Anonymous User
    Summary: When Plank and Sarah team up in gym class insted of Jonny he and plank break up their friendship and jonny finds a new friend named Frank that really edd's cactus Jim so Edd goes to Eddy and Ed and turn them into spies and kidnap Frank and Jonny goes crazy. and takes over the cul-de-sac and has the eds hostage inside edd's house until Eddy and Ed bring frank back to Jonny meanwhile back at ed's house Sarah and Jimmy are having a tea party with Plank when they here jonny's voice at edd's house and Sarah and Jimmy later go to the hostages and gives Jonny back to Plank but Jonny gives Plank to the eds but is really a fake Plank and is a bomb that puts the Eds inside a block of ice that Jimmy and Sarah made a museum called the what history is inside Sarah's house and Jonny has 132 friends that Eds stuffed in his bedroom.
    Note: This story and the one above it with the same name are not related to each other.

  • "Kamen Rider Ed Knight"
    Series Refrence: Kamen Rider Dragon Knight

Idea by: Casimus Prime
Summary: 'Kamen Rider Ed Knight' is a series that combines EEnE with Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. Since this fanfic is written by Casimus Prime, he has inserted his character.

  • The day begins with the 4 sitting in Kevin's garage. He is repairing one of Casimus' motorcycles. The Eds are playing a card game called "King Crush". As Edd draws a card, a blue card falls to the floor. Casimus picks it up and looks at the house. A package is there. Not only is at thier house, but at Ed and Eddy's. They open them to be belts and decks which are decks required to become Kamen Riders. They read them up and adapt to thier abilities but for some reason, they don't activate them. Later they hear a low engine humming, Kevin has hijacked Casimus' one-wheeled motorcycle. The chase is on. They cut him off in the Lane, he looks like a ninja. He has a belt similar to the ones worn by the Eds. He is Kamen Rider Wing Knight. The Eds attach the decks to the belts and become Kamen Riders as well. Ed activates a card and summons a bull to the field. He takes his horns as hook-swords. Edd summons a phoenix and uses it's wings for arial attacks and it's head as a windthrower. Eddy summons a tiger and uses it's claws as swords. Casimus summons a dragon and uses it's tail as a sword and it's head as a flamethrower. When Kevin looses his weapons he activates the motorcycle and drives off. The Eds combine thier beasts with motorcycles to have new ones. They ride after Kevin. They catch up to him and run him off the road and change him back to normal. They continue to use these decks to become Kamen Rider Ed Knights.

  • "The Nutty Ed-ventures Of Jimmy-Jonny"
    Idea by: Captian MelonHead
    Summary: Jimmy and Jonny start a bussiness that fixes people's problems. The Teddy Trio are the first people that need help. Jimmy and Jonny rush to Beansville, but the chimney of their Mansion is stuck to Jonny's foot which means the Mansion come Beansville with them. Jimmy-Jonny and The Teddy Trio finally meet. Their problem seems to be a hole in a fence which has a swirling circle in there. Jimmy and Jonny use Anchovy as bait, so they throw him in the circle. The cirlce seems to lead to Peach Creek, hometown of Ed, Edd n Eddy. While all the universes have war, Eddy's Brother, Zippy, Blonsky, Jeddy, Jerry, The Gourd, Timber The Dark Shard and a few more villians from each universe are working together to destroy their enemies.

  • "Miss Con-Ed-uality"
    Idea by: numbuh0051
    Title reference: Miss Congeniality
    Plot: After Ed, Edd, and Eddy discover that a beauty pageant being held at their school is giving away extremely savory prizes, they set off to turn the nefarious Marie Kanker into pageant material. Amidst makeovers-gone-wrong and surprising talents, Double-D soon discovers that "you never really know a person until you've walked around in their shoes for a little while".

  • "That Touch of Ed"
    Idea by: numbuh0051
    Title reference: That Touch of Mink
    Plot: Double-D has to hold up to the Eds' part of the bargain in "Miss Con-Ed-uality" and sets off to take Marie on a date. Unfortunately, the night is young, and Marie knows how to take a simple case of "apples and oranges" to the next level!

  • "Lights, Camera, Ed!"
  • Idea by: numbuh0051
  • Lights, Camera, Action!
  • The Eds, Kevin, Nazz, Plank, Jonny, and Marie Kanker are all in the drama club and are currently trying to decide what kind of play to put on. Eddy is all for a western-style play where he plays the rugged hero and Nazz is the rich young lady that he rescues from a band of thieves, Ed, meanwhile, prefers a science-fiction plot complete with many aliens and space-weapons. Kevin wishes for a play about a biker-dude who travels the open country to adventure and excitement. Jonny and Plank are also dreaming about play, except in his, they are trying to save a forest from being burned to the ground and so they become (who else?): Captain Melonhead and Splinter: The Wonder Wood. It is Marie's idea, however, that takes the cake and with her leading man (Double-D, of course) she stops the show with the charisma of Cyd Charisse!
  • "Codename: All Ed Up"
  • Idea by: numbuh0051
  • Kimi Finster, Lil Deville, and Abby Lincoln have been assigned to go uncover and investigate some strange reports that have been received from informants located in the infamously old-fashioned town of Peach Creek. Aghast with their disguises (as well as their inability to fit in with the cul-de-sac children), they soon discover something that threatens more then just Peach Creek.
  • "The Fam-Ed-ly that P.R.E.Y.S."
  • Idea by: numbuh0051
  • Movie "The Family that Preys"
  • The Kanker's mother has shoved her children and the Eds(their special guests) in an airplane bound for Japan so they can attend the wedding of a cousin they've never heard of! And what's worse is that one of the relatives they are packed up to meet may look a little too familiar for their taste.
  • The next wave to eds

Idea By: Anonymous User.
Summary: In the Eds are Coming the UFO carried the cul-de-sac and now they will attack the aliens back on earth as Joshua in Oklahoma who works on a space air force plane for him and his friends to stop the aliens once and for all now as they are in space and they found the ship going in a worm hole and when the got out and they saw mars as they now they attack the aliens but joshua got in the ship and crashed and as he saw a walker they got the Eds and The Kids home.

  • Eds-travaganza
  • Idea By: Spongeman537
  • Summary: Eddy is bored in the Cul-de-sac, so he decides to create the biggest block party in the world!

Take Me Out to the Ed Game!

Idea By: Anonymous User
Summary: When eddy has no one to help with a scam or boss around because edd is out of town for a family reunoin and ed is out of town to visit his uncle danny for a week so eddy tries to find a person help with his scam but the only person that could help was sarah and jimmy but they make the scam not eddy they call it sarah jimmys house of supplies meanwhile they hire kevin for avertisment and fire eddy and makes his own scam called eddys playhouse pardoy of pee wees playhouse and exact replica eddy hires jonny as the genie and lee as the chair same one from dear ed but nazz and rolf refused to pay because it was to exspenseve and they both only have a nickeal meanwhile eddy tries sarah and jimmy out of busniess by bring a message to kevin thinking it was sarah who wrote the next kevin writes a new adverstisment sarah and jimmys suppiles have stupid custormores and evrone stops going to there scam and go to eddys playhouse sarah and jimmy fire kevin and later finds eddy stole her indenty and tries to destroy eddys playhouse by diging it undergroud so sarah and jimmy make a fire work to destory but acdently tie themselves causing them to go underground to but 4 days later edd resues them. but the kids trap edd and eddy and lee inside the playhouse at the end lee says i have two by frineds all to myself and kisess them while there traped underground NOTE this is the only eposide ed didnt make in apperence in.

  • The Edentists

Idea By: Anonymous User
Summary: Ed gets a loose tooth and will do whatever it takes to get it out.So he calls Eddy. But when Eddy gets there he couldnt do anything ecxept for telling Ed to get a lot of bedrest until DD got theyre. When Edd got there, he brought over a pair of plyers and a wrench.After the next hour Edd still couldnt get the tooth out.So then they were off to Nazzs house. Nazz tried her hardest but still couldnt get the tooth out. This also happened to everyone else.In the end Jonny threw Plank at Eds tooth and it just fell out. What a waste of 11 minutes.

  • Retard-Ed
Idea by: User:

Summary: During a scam which involves Ed perched high above Double-D, he inevitablely slips and Double-D is out cold. Ed and Eddy leave for the Retro Van to think of a new scam after telling him to "catch up". The kids manage to wake Edd, only to find that he is as dumb as Ed! They accept him and he is well liked. After planning a ransom-themed scam, the two Eds look for their friend. Finding him unwilling to part with Rolf, Kevin, and Nazz, Eddy goes nuclear and storms over to his bedroom where Edd had left some plans for a El Mongo Stink Bomb Launcher. With his C+ math grades, and help from Ed, they build it and put the ammo that stinks so bad in. They look at the cul-de-sac and watch as the horribly foul bomb impacts the Kids, and their friend. As they dawn the streets in gas masks, Ed and Eddy locate Double-D among the clouds of odor. They proceed to the fallout shelter that is Ed's basement and find their friend very stupid. Eddy thinks about showing Edd what is underneath his own hat, but before hecan take action, Ed throws Double-D in the washer. The Eds pull their buddy out and find him normal, but Edd is ranting about how his shirt will shrink. Ed hugs his friends and the story ends.

  • "WALL-Ed"

Idea by: 20:42, 22 July 2009 (UTC) Edopolis22

Summary: When Jimmy comes to school one one day, he's totally different. He's a lot smarter, more athletic, and now Sarah's falling for him! Everybody digs the new Jimmy, except for Double D, who's suspicious. After some hardcore investigation, he makes a shocking discovery: that ain't Jimmy, that's an evil robot copy trying to destroy the world!

  • Winners Don't Do Ed

Idea By:-- Ultor NoBack Jspyster1 [Message]
Summary: After experimenting with Chunky Puffs, and after boiling them down to their purest form, Edd had just created a new substance. After tasting it, and going on a psychedelic trip, he discovers that the substance is a powerful hallucinogen. Eddy then gets an idea to sell the stuff to the kids. but after Jonny claimed that Plank died of an overdose of the stuff, Edd decides that the stuff is to dangerous to sell the stuff to the public and he must find a way to stop Eddy from selling it.

  • World War Ed

Idea by:

Eddy is fed up that he and his buddies have not made any money from their recent scams. He suddenly gets an idea, to throw a game of hide and seek, with a couple of changes. The kids all want to play and Eddy volunteers himself and his pals to be it. While Ed, Edd, and Eddy "look" for the kids in their houses, Eddy helps himself to the allowances held inside. The Eds then make off with the loot to the recently reconstructed clubhouse. After an hour, the kids reveal themselves and return to their homes, only to find the nasty surprise. After an hour of hiding, the kids reveal themselves and find their money stolen. They assemble with their weapons and storm Ed and Eddy's bedroom. After they find nothing they decide to check the Retro Van, which is shown to them by Kevin. After no luck here, hey patrol the neighborhood at random. Kevin then assigns Rolf, Jonny and Plank to guard the Candy Store to make sure the money isn't spent. Meanwhile the Eds eat and sleep in safety with their food rations. At dawn, they emerge to make a break for the Candy Store, only to have to scurry right back up after being spotted by Nazz. Everyone but Rolf, Jonny and Plank respond, but are thrown off the trail after the Eds use the Baking Powder Vapor Barrier to cover their escape. The Eds hurry down the lane on the Garbage Speeder, but they turn back when they see the heavy resistance that is Rolf, Jonny and Plank and return to the clubhouse, which now everybody has surrounded. Once inside Eddy tells Ed to launch the "Grande El Mongo Stink Bomb" at the kids before realizing the lack of gas masks. Edd and Eddy notice this but it is too late and Ed nukes Peach Creek with the foul odor. Eventually the Eds are captured and they are forced to give the money back. Edd gets off easy with a 30 minute probation from the kids, while Ed and Eddy are pelted with surplus stink bombs. That's an end on a stinky note!

Gather around the Ed Fire

idea by- Blitzwing24

Summary- Its the weekend and the Eds decide to go on a camping trip and the kids join. Double D packed the essentials like a tent for three a sleeping bag and certain foods and some of his science stuff. Eddy packed a sleeping bag his CD player and some tunes and his portable video game with his money pajamas. Ed packed a tub of gravy and buttered toast with his sleeping bag. when the Eds and the kids get to the center of the woods and get settle in Rolf and Keven gather the wood for the campfire while jimmy and Sarah set up the tents and nazz sets up logs to sit on when its time to tell stories. Ed pulls out his fire breathing toy from the episode Little Blue Ed to start the fire and everyone begins roasting marshmellows and other foods. Then everyone takes turns telling scary campfire stories Rolf tells a stroy of a werewolf that lived in his old country. Eddy tells a false story about himself and Ed tells a story about a zombie attack that scares everyone out of their skin. the kids of the cul- da- sac begin hearing wolfs howling and something moving in the bushes. the Kids get scared and run to their tents they send Rolf and Kenvin to check it out Kevin trips over a rock and falls into a hole. Rolf is trapped by a net falling from a tree. Nazz, Jimmy, and Sarah hear Kevin and Rolf calling for help in the woods they go out to look and Jimmy takes along a light to guide them. Suddently the light goes out and its dark Nazz, Jimmy, and Sarah begin screaming and the light comes back on Jimmy is caged, Sarah is hanging from a tree with a rope tied to her leg and Nazz is stuck to a tree truck with super glue. The Eds hear everyone screaming and they go check it out and they find everyone trapped and a figure rushes by and Ed belly flops on him it turns out to be johonny he did all those things because they didnt invite him to go camping. Double D and Eddy Free the Kids and they all grab Jhonny and tie him to a log sending him down a river.

Smarter than you Ed.

Edd struggles with some Ancient Greek homework, which he has apparently taken on as an extra credit assignment. When Eddy shows up, explaining that Edd's late for their indestructable pinata scam, he instantly translates all the Greek in a few moments. Edd is amazed by his ability, asking how he could do it. Eddy reveals that he learned it when he was supposed to be writing an english assignment. Edd seems completely shocked that he learned it in one lesson but Eddy reveals that he does it all the time, then reveals that he knows how to make electric circuits amongst numerous other things. Edd is at first pleased by this, telling Eddy that he could use his electric engineering abilities to set their scams to levels they could never reach before.

Then everything suddenly takes a turn for the worst for Edd, Ed and Eddy manage to pull off most of the next scam completely without his help, the scam being a carousel on which Sarah and Jimmy ride. Then, after Ed learns that his place as the strong one has been taken by a latin robot, he and Edd start to mope.

Before long, Eddy has at least thirty dollars, however, he invests the money into even bigger and better things, thanks to the use of intellect he had never thought useful (however, he states the Trigonometry is useless). But Ed and Edd open up a scam of a similar nature across the street, a carnival ride that spins at unprecedented speeds, with Ed as the power source.

Eddy and Edd continue to vamp up their speeds, the kids watching in awe, at least until the very ground begins to tear and lifts the very Cul-de-sac into orbit.

Ed, tired from running the machine (literally, he was running on a tread-mill), stops and the entire Cul-de-sac tilts at an angle in space, then Eddy's machine blows a fuse and they begin to fall back to Earth. After the three Eds work together to slow their decent, their giant parachute-jet-pack-helicopter-thing burns up on re-entry, however, Eddy's robot uses Eddy's last wad of cash as a lasso and swings the entire suburbia around a lamp post, stopping the fall.

They then realise that the Cul-de-sac is rocking, Eddy checks the crevase to see that the entire suburb is rocking atop the indestructable pinata.

  • Nerf-Ed

Idea By:

After Kevin orders nine Nerf guns, but soon Ed and Eddy steal some and hold up Jimmy, Jonny and Plank in the Lane. Meanwhile, Edd sits in the Retro Van, waiting. Rolf, Nazz and Sarah plan to beat them up as they pass through the junkyard. As Ed and Eddy return to tthe Retro Van they are ambushed and tied up by the Kids. Then the Kankers show up and beat everyone up and take their money.

  • Ed Edd n Eddy's Big Maze Show

Idea By: Joshua Jacobson/Josh Cory 132
Summary:the eds have found a new friend joshua now they are playing pac-man they got outside and saw that they are in a maze five weeks later uhhhh im tired of this just because kevin is gone doesnt mean we have to sit here crying about it all day joshua said joshuas right kevins gone he's not coming back ok we need 2 mins later we just have to chomp them joshua said its not funny joshua eddy said i know it sounds crazy but its true joshua contnues will you shush now we got to save kevin and sarah lee cryed look i know its bad but it dos'nt mater now we got to get together and chomp these things and im not leting some dume ghosts grab us hole lisen we just have to chomp them joshua yelled joshuas right edd said look run its off eeeeeeerrrrrrrrr joshua growled he ran but did not stop then suddenly kaboomm when he woke up he new that was just a dream. the end

  • Super Ed Kart

Title Spoof: Super Mario Kart

Idea by:

One day in the junkyard, the Eds find a bunch of go karts. Ed and Eddy force Edd to repair them for their latest scam, "The Cul-de-sac Race". All the kids pay the $1 entry fee and begin the race. After flattening everyone else's tires, Eddy just has to face Jonny and Plank, who are riding together. Eddy pulls up next to them and throws a lit match in. Jonny worried about Plank, loses control, and crashes into his house. Everyone loses track of him when his house explodes with the two inside. Eddy wins the race and buys all the Eds jawbreakers.

  • Terminat-Ed

Title spoof: Terminator

Idea by:

The kids band together to repel a type of Terminator which is altering what they can do. After being forced into a 24-hour a day 7 days a week curfew, Edd notices that the Terminator can smell things. He then has the kids use all of their stink bombs on it. The Terminator malfunctions and explodes in the middle of the Park and Flush.

  • Take-Ed

Title spoof: Taken

Idea by:

The Kankers plot and execute a plan to rob the Candy Store of all of it's Jawbreakers and ransom them for twice their price. The theft threatens to shut it down the Store as the factory cannot make a new shipment for weeks; so the Kids and the Eds search for the fugitive Kanker sisters. They eventually find them and they are beaten up by Rolf and Ed. The Candy Store remains in business. As a reward, the kids are each given a free jawbreaker.

  • Ed-ridden

Title Spoof: Bed-ridden

Idea by:

After a scam which causes noticable damage, Eddy must call the shots from his bed.

pulp fiction 
      Idea by: Anonymous User 
      Story: Time has moved on with the kids making it into university, however changes have occurred between the kids. Ed now lives in a movie rental store and helps the other ed's when they get in trouble, Nazz and Kevin are living together in the trailer park, robbing stores within the city, and Rolf has started work as a boxer. Edd and Eddy however have begun working for Eddy's older brother collecting debts and removing those who do not fulfill promises to their employer. and it all begins with Edd and Eddy dropping by to johnny, jimmy and plank who owe Eddy's brother a certain suitcase...

  • An Edventure of A Lifetime

Title Spoof: An Adventure of A Lifetime

Idea by:

The Eds tour the neighborhood, look back on their lives, and find out who they are, all while fleeing the Kankers.

  • When You wish upon an Ed

    Title Spoof: When You wish upon a Star

    Idea by: James

    While at the creek, (and after a horrible day of scamming) the eds stumble upon 3 pennies lying on the ground. Edd suggests that if they each throw one into the river simultaneously, each one will have one wish granted for them.

    Ed: To go back in time to meet a wholly mammoth.

    Edd: For only one day, to have the Cul-de-sac be a peaceful place.

    Eddy: For one day, to be the most popular kid in the Cul-de-sac.
    However, at the last second, the Kankers each throw a penny in and all wish for the Eds to fall in love with them. Then both parties go home to sleep. The next morning, every wish the Eds asked for is granted in succession. However, if the Eds can't survive all three events, the Kankers will have their wish granted.
  • Futu-Ed-Rama

Idea By: Anonymous User
Summary: Eddy goes back to the time machine with Ed n Edd and go tweenty years later into the future witch they find out Edd is a janitor who no longer his hat show he has loads hair and is olso one of Eddy's roommates. Ed is another roommate. Kevin is a cop, Nazz is a nurse (voiced by Drew Barrymore), Rolf works in a cheese factory, Jonny is bird watcher, Sara and Jimmy are dating and the kankers are in prison.

After going 20 years later, The Eds help Edd try to impress Nazz to date him. All though she is already dating Kevin.

  • School is Ed Session '

'''Idea By: TdawgzT

Summary: It's another day in the 6th grade for the Cul-de-sac kids. The principal has just annouced that it is Jawbreaker day in the Cafeteria. The Eds go crazy. But their Homeroom teacher also annouces that there will be a test today. Who ever doesn't pass doesn't get to go to the Cafeteria for their Jawbreakers. They take their test, but the only one who passes is Jonny. The Kids get mad. Then the teacher says that until they pass the test they can't get their jawbreakers. The teacher leaves the room, giving the kids a chance to sneek through the air vent. They finally get to the cafeteria to beat up Jonny and enjoy their jawbreakers, until the principal catches them. So they get in trouble but it was worth it.

  • My Report Ed

Idea By: TdawgzT

Summary: It is Report card day again at Peach Creek Jr. High. But of course Ed and Eddy get all F's. Only this time they get their report cards right away. In the Mean time Double D is helping Rolf with his english. Eddy pulls out his report card changing kit. They change their report cards to A's, B's, and a couple of C's. Rolf is doing great with his english, the only thing he can't say is Dork. Ed and Eddy take their report card to their parents are suspicious and they get gronded. Rolf thinks that english is to hard and stupid, so he stops learning.

  • Canon Ed

Idea By: TdawgzT

Summary: After the school bus breaks down at the Peach Creek Community Pool, the Cul-de-sac kids are stuck there. Kevin is doing his guitar jingle jangle canon ball. The Ed's are playing marco polo. Nazz is sun bathing. The bus driver is still trying to fix the bus. Jonny loses his swimming trunks. They end up spinning the whole day at the pool. When nine o'clock comes around they still can't leave. The kids have to spend the night there. Jonny has to sleep in the pool because he can't find his trunks. The next day they finally decide just to walk home. The kids finally get to relax in the lane and Jonny gets to put on some clothes.

  • Ed Skipper

Idea By: TdawgzT

Summary: When the Ed's miss the school bus, they decide to skip school. First looking for their parents work lists to see when they get home. They have a great day. They watches all the monster that Ed has. They play in Double D's laundry shoots. They also Hang-out in Eddy's brother's room. Eddy decides to sneek into Kevin's garage to steal his Jawbreakers. Everything went great that day, until Jonny came home to find the Eds in his house playing in his indoor slide. Jonny kicks them out.But all in all it was a great day.

  • My Report Ed

Idea By: TdawgzT
Summary: It's the 6th grade report card day again at Peach Creek Jr. High. Of course Ed and Eddy get all F's. Only this time they get their report cards right away. Eddy busts out his trusty report card changing kit. Double D tries to stop them, but Eddy tapes and glues him in a locker then locks it. Then Ed changes his report card then Eddy's. He chages them to A's B's and C's. Double D then breaks out of the locker, but he is too late. Ed and Eddy's parents are suspisous of them, so they get grounded.

  • Edsworld
    Title Reference to: Eddsworld (Without a Second D)
    Story: The Eds plan to Hack on the the Eddsworld Site causing the Eddsworld characters to wanting to sue the Creator of Ed, Edd and Eddy.
  • Ed of the Jungle
    Title Reference to: Georage of the Jungle
    Story: A Humanoid Rhino comes to the Cul De Sac to sort things out. This is what he did to everyone:
    Ed: He gave him a brain
    Edd: he cured what was under his hat.
    Eddy: Gave him an unlimited Jaw Breaker Bucket
    Kevin:Zipped his mouth with a Zipper so he can't say Dork
    Rolf: He turn the animals into cooked meat and Sausages
    Sarah:Catapulted her to Out of Space
    Jimmy: Exterminated Mr Yum Yum
    Johnny:Forced him to eat meat and warning Johnny not to play with plank
    Nazz: Made her ugly
    Plank:Burning him with a Flamethrower.
    Kankers: Beats them up and kicks them to Scotland.

The Eds got please untill they got bored off not being beaten and they try to get rid of the rhino.

  • 2000 and Ed (or 20 Ed)
    Idea By: Annoymous User
    Title Reference to: 2012
    Story:Ed's Grandparents passed away leaving Ed incharge of the money. Ed did not tell the oters that his Granny and Gramps were rich (having over 1 million dollars and other types of money around the world including British Ponuds) and decides to spend money on Jawbreakers and Gravy. The Others question ed why does he have so many jawbreakers, But Ed told them a Lie. Double dee knew he was on to something and forced ed to tell the truth.
  • Planet 50 Ed
    Idea By: Annoymous User
    Title Reference to: Planet 51
    Story: Ed wants to see a movie called Robot Rebel Ranch 2, Sequel to the First Robot Rebel Ranch. However, It was still rated AO so Ed deguises himself as an adult but as he watched the movie, He sees alot of Blood and Swearing (Censored and Off Camera), Later he started swearing himself to his room for 1 year because of foul language. The Eds plan to free Ed (Again)
  • Dawning Ed
    Idea By: Annoymous User
    Title Reference to: Dawning End
    Story:The Eds say goodbye to each other because they are moving to England, China and Canada. This marks the end of my Ed, Edd and Eddy Fan Universe.

Project Ed

Ideea By:Anonymous User

Story:Edd when he creates a time machine and travel with Ed and Eddy just past the time when the city was settled by his ancestors looked Eddy.When Edd Peach Creek history book and realizes that this day will lose his ancestors Eddy Poker in front of Lord Kankers Eddy sees as an opportunity for him to help her win the race in the future to lead Eds Cul-de-sac.He is replacing the primary and goes to play against the Lord win.

       Scary Ed
     Idea By:Anonymous User
     Story:Eddy rent a horror movie and he invited all his friends asking him see.Eds gets home early to prepare the party but says Edd cool.Eddy to sleep in his rome while the children watched Eddy.In the kids movie wants to go to see and movie but because he was white in front of the kids were scared tinking it was a ghost and began to hunt him.

  • When a Ed Calls

Idea By: Anonymous User

Title Reference: When a Stranger Calls

Story: When everyone hears that a notorious serial killer has escaped from an insane asylum and is roaming around; Peach Creek, everyone including the Eds are thrown into a state of panic and try to hide from him.


  • Ed, Edd, Eddy n Spongebob
    The gang meets Spongebob and friends.
  • "Port-Ed"
    Idea by: rcmero
    Title reference: Portal
    Plot: Edd is a test subject at Aperture Science and must test the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device (ASHPD). Meanwhile, Ed and Eddy find Aperture Science to try to find Edd.
  • "Edbound"
    Idea by: rcmero
    Title reference: Earthbound
    Plot: The four Eds must help Ness and his friends to defeat Giygas.
  • Ed Master

     Idea by Devincrash122

     Title reference: Air Master

     Plot: Ed, Edd and Eddy go to Tokyo, Japan and meet Maki and the gang, lots of fighting and lots of romance.

Idea by: Devincrash122

Title reference: Seikon no Qwaser

Plot: A Ed, Edd n Eddy and Seikon no Qwaser crossover, The Eds get transferred to St. Mihalov Acedemy in Japan and meet Mafuyu, Sasha and Tomo, and when Tomo gets kiddnaped by a very powerful new foe, it's up to the Eds, Mafuyu, Teresa and Sasha to save her.

Idea by: 76steelers

Title Reference: When You Wish Upon A Star

Plot: While at the creek, (and after a horrible day of scamming) the eds stumble upon 3 pennies lying on the ground. Edd suggests that if they each throw one into the river simultaneously, each one will have one wish granted for them. Ed wants to go back in time to meet a wolly mammoth. Edd wants for or only one day, to have the Cul-de-sac be a peaceful place. Eddy wants for one day, to be the most popular kid in the Cul-de-sac. However, at the last second, the Kankers show up and each of them throws a penny in and they all wish for the Eds to fall in love with them. Then both parties go home to sleep. The next morning, every wish the Eds asked for is granted in succession. However, the Kankers are also being transported into the wishes and if the Eds can't survive all three events, the Kankers will have their wish granted.

  • The DarkneED warriors

Idea by: Anonymous (Feel free to use it)

Crossover: The Darkness and Ed, Edd N Eddy

Plot: The Eds find the Siphon and each get a part of the Darkness. Ed tries to use it to be a superhero, Double D tries to study it and Eddy tries to use it for personal gain. But the more they use the power of the Darkness, the more The Darkness tries to persuade the Eds to do its bidding.

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