Here is a list of episodes from The New EDventures of Ed, Edd n Eddy (Series 2).

Season 1

  • Ed Kombat
    Title reference: Mortal Kombat
    Story: Kevin fights Eddy after stealing his bike.The episode parodies the game series's title,Mortal Kombat.
    Scam: None.

  • Boring in the Ed
    Title reference: Singing in the Rain
    Story: It's raining and The Eds has to do inside scams.
    Scam: Ed's Stinky Burgers

  • Ed the Movies!
    Title reference: In the Movies!
    Story:The students of Peach Creek has to watch scary movies and go camping.
    Scam: Ed's Popcorn Maker!

  • Ed Trip(Special) - A 344 minute movie!
    Title reference: Field Trip
    Story:The students goes to a field trip to Disney World!
    Scam: None.

  • I'm your Ed
    Title reference: I'm your man
    Story:After destroying Rolf's tractor,Ed has to work for him for 24 Hours forever,so it's up to Double D to get him out.

  • Ed's Da Man
    Title reference: I'm Da Man
    Story:Ed becomes King and haves a party to celebrate it.
    Scam: Ed's King Party!

  • Ed VS. Evil Tim
    Title reference: None
    Story: The Eds must fight Evil Tim!
    Scam: Ed's Fighting Ring

Season 2

  • Burger Ed
    Title reference: Burger King
    Story: After getting good food from Burger King,Eddy makes Ed Burger!
    Scam: Ed Burger

     Title Reference:Honey,I'm Home!

     Story:Trent wants to be Lindsey's boyfriend.


     Title reference:It Came From Earth to Outer Space

     Story:Tripper arrives.

     Scam:Ed's Zombie Movie; Ed's Alien-Boy!

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