Season 1

001: The New Kids

Ed and his brother Phillip move to a Cul-de-sac in Peach Creek, where they meet Eddy, Kevin, Todd, and Sally. Ed and Phillip don't like being new kids, but Phillip starts to hang out with Sally and Todd, while Ed hangs out with Kevin and Eddy.

002: What's a Scam?

Eddy introduces Ed to the world of Scams, making Ed Eddy's sidekick

003: Ed in Peril (Part 1)

Everybody decides to check out the forest, but Ed gets lost! Can the others find him?

004: Ed in Peril (Part 2)

Conclusion to #3

005: Ray of Riches

Eddy is struck by lightning while holding money, and gets the ray of riches power!

006: Sara(Season 1 finale)

It's Announced: Ed's Mom will be having a new baby in a year, and Ed isn't excited.

Season 2

Announced Titles:

007: Star-Struck

008: Pre-school Stinks

009: The Carnival

TBA: How I lost the Best Brother ever

TBA: Double D Moves in (Series Finale)

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