"Lord of the Ed" is an Ed, Edd n Eddy fanfic by an anonymous user.


When the kids go on a field trip to the Jawbreaker By the Sea theme park to make a performance as part of their band class for 2 days. During the field trip Ed throws his 15-year-old lunch bag at the bus driver and knocks him out and the bus drove off the road and into the ocean and underwater with the kids stuck in the bus with no driver. Kevin tries to rescue him until a wave came and rolled over the bus and washes the bus up on an island, which they later called New Peach Creek. While Edd tries to get contact with the rescue team, the kids construct an exact replica of the Cul-de-Sac made out of bamboo and hair from animals. Meanwhile, Edd goes to the mayor, Kevin, and finds Kevin's last name is McSynder and Edd lets Kevin know that he's has no contact with rescue team he tried to contact earlier, and later discovers the bus was empty on gas, had two tires blown, engine gear fell and broke into bits and the walkie-talkie on the bus has been damaged after it went underwater. At the time, in Downtown New Peach Creek, Jonny is seen taking food away and eating it all so Jonny is in a cage mad out of bamboo and the Kankers poked him with a pitch fork until he talks and Jonny pleaded guilty since Jimmy said he saw him stealing the food. The next day Kevin goes outside and New Peach Creek is a complete slum. Thanks to Rolf's new tractor, it causes a fight because someone took all of the bamboo and can't build anything, but Edd and the Kankers took all of it with out anyone knowing but Ed and Eddy. The next day, Edd builds the paddles and staples to attach onto the bus and takes all the food in the whole island and animals that Rolf killed to eat. Ed makes an explosive that blows up all of New Peach Creek with the Eds and the Kankers on the bus to return to the Cul-de-sac. As the bus took off, the kids all scream, while Edd on top paddles back to shore leaving others behind with no food or shelter at night. At the end of the show the Kankers say "Let's have our good-night kiss!" and kissed Ed and Eddy while Edd paddled the boat.