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Magia is Hyperhugz's (Deviantart) original character, who is set to be introduced in Anything but ordinary and Not His Day

The Eds mailed a bunch of cereal box tops to get three cool, exotic, foreign jaw breakers. When they recieved the giant box, the first thing they heard was "Why is it so dark in here?" Out of curiosity, they opened the box. It turned out to be a foreign girl named Magia (Ma-Ja) who was apparantally mailed away because her friends found her annoying. Eddy dubbed her "the new Double D", but shoved her back into the box before she could get out, then they dropped her off at Rolf's farm. She got out of the box and made shelter in Rolf's tool shed.

At first, Rolf though it was a cyote stealing his sheep when he heard a noise- so he started banging on the shed with a harpoon. Magia thought she was being attacked and jumped out and hit him across the face with a rake. Rolf instantly became interested in her, because where he was from, a hit across the face with a gardening tool was flirting.

Rolf's Nano does not like Magia because when Rolf first turned on his television, she ran around the room screaming "It's going to eat my soul!" and ran into a wall, knocking herself out. When she woke up the TV was still on, so she went and shoved it over. Once it broke, Rolf's Nano got angry and sent Magia to the cupboard.

After several months, Magia's Nani came and moved into the Cul-De-Sac, bringing her daughter, Haegen, with her. Haegen is Magia's cousin and they look almost identical save for Haegen is skinnier than Magia.  

Later on, magia and rolf saw eachother more as siblings when rolf's nano moved her in. however, when magia revealed that they weren't going out (which they almist did), Kevin wanted rolf to hook up with her. Now Katie jokingly calls him chubby chaser after that.

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