after breakfast eddy announces that now are 3 competitors left ed , kevin and jenny and eddy that the competiors who dint get to far are evil tim , plank , jimmy , sarah , edd , rolf , sandy , molly , johnny , liz , kyle , may , marie , lee , nazz and dick , eddy announces that the next challenge is a pirate challenge . the first challenge is to the 3 competitors to get they own ship of the 3 ships and they get they ships and battle and ship who is last at sea wins . ed puts in cannons gravy , jenny puts paintball in cannons and kevin puts in the cannons junk , and they battle and when kevin shot with junk on jenny ship jenny ship explode and leaving ed and kevin to fight and ed launches the gravy in kevin ship and kevin s shp explode too and ed wins the first challenge . the finall challenge is the 3 pirates to fight themselves with sword but the swords are sticks and they begin their battle and kevin decided to take down jenny and he did it  and ed defeated kevin by knock him out and ed wins the challenge and his reward was a pirate sword made of chocolate . at the guilded eddy ceremony the guilded eddy goes to ed and the final bottom two is kevin and jenny and the final guilded eddy goes to kevin and jenny doesnt seem to be upset and she says her goobbye and good luck to ed and kevin and she says even a goobye to eddy to and eddy and jenny kiss eachother and then jenny goes to the lameosine

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