Max (Maxwell) Cardsworth


Brain boy Sir Thinksalot


Double-D Cardsworth (Father) Sarah Cardsworth (Mother) Ed (Uncle) Drew (Godfather) Cory (2nd Godfather)

Max Cardworth is the son of Double-D and Sarah. He is scedualed to appear in Ed, Edd n Eddy ZNG (Z, Next generation).

Young Life

Max grew up in Peach Creek, after the defeat of the Power Puff Girls. Growing up, his father didn't want him to deal with the punishing pain that he went through; fighting all that tried to destroy the earth. But after the attack of the robotic beings, his father told him of his life.

Now, he trains with his parents; and his uncle Ed and Eddy. More will be known in time.
!EEnEZ Max EVIL Sprites

Evil Max Sprites

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