the show begin " welcome back to meet the cast:Holly-ed " grim said " today i will tell you people my favorite scenes , the fears of the contenstents and the most funnies scenes of the show so lets begin " grim said " my favorite scenes were when rolf was obi wan kevin anakin and nazz padme at episode 3 , the quiz of spiderman at episode 4 , the volumes of harry potter episode 6 and my last favorite scene is when rolf and double d destroyed the virus at episode 18 " grim said .

"now mortals its time to tell you the fears of the children back at episode 8 , double d is afraid of hunted houses , eddy is afraid of michael jackson thriller , sarah is afraid of the killer with the mask who is Jason Voorhes , jimmy is afraid of Chuckie the anti doll , nazz is afraid of mummies , rolf is afraid of ghosts , kevin is afraid werewolves , ed is afraid of frankenstein and johnny and plank are afraid of Sawtooth Cecil " grim said .

"now its time to show the funniest scenes when jimmy fainted si easy when seen Chuckie at episode 8 , when rolf was hit by the cannon at episode 9 , and my last funnies scene is when everybody were running from the three killers who were the schemers aka the kanker sisters " grim said .

" now its time to end the show and dont miss the next episode of Holly-ed .

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