the show begin " welcome back folks to the last edition of meet the cast:Holly-ed , yes today will be the last edition of the show but what can we say the season is going to end and there are just 7 kids left on the show and today on the last edition im going to bring here the three people who were eliminated from the show first is jimmy " grim said and jimmy came " so jimmy how is it to be the first eliminated person from Holly-ed " grim said " well i liked to be there but i dint like to be the first eliminated from the chritsmas challenge but anyways i get what i wanted there like my wish on becaming a star at episode 9 so i had fun enough there " jimmy said " so next one is sarah " grim said and sarah showed up " so sarah so is it to be eliminated from the show " grim said " well it wasnt bad because i was going to be with jimmy again for that i wasnt mad but exception when i was mad at the challenges and the other teammeates so thats that " sarah said " ok the last is kevin " grim said and kevin was coming " so kevin how it is to be eliminated " grim said " well it wasnt very cool but atleast nazz is still on the game right so it was fun till it last but i hope my girlfriend will win so then we can have our own house so thats it " kevin said " so people its time to say bye bye " grim said and the show ended .

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