the others were still shocked to see that the challenge was a tie " so we ended in a tie there must by something for both of us to win right " eddy said " yes i know how a way to decide who will win but its not me who should decide who shall win the old contenstents will decide who shall win " grim said " but how " eddy asked " simple the kids with give their own challenges so the first eliminated was jimmy so jimmy whats your challenge " grim asked and jimmy had a two big bags of dolls and he gives them to ed and eddy " i want to see who will bring the bag of dolls first to the end of the set so begin " jimmy said and eddy and ed begin to run to the end of the set , eddy couldnt resist because the bag was to hard and get to the end of the set " nice job ed " jimmy said " ok next eliminated is sarah " grim said " my challenge is a dance challenge the best dance wins " sarah said " i call this the dance of the gravy " ed said and he does the gravy dance but it isnt good and eddy dances in disco style " the best dance of is eddy " sarah said " next kevin " grim said " my challenge is a bike race the one who gets to the finish line wins " kevin and ed and eddy begin to race ed accidently hit with the bike into the wall and eddy gets to the finish line " good work eddy " kevin said " next plank and johnny " grim said " me and plank s challenge is to destroy the things that hurts the trees " johnny said as he hended the instruments that destroy the tree and ed eats the instruments and eddy destroys the instruments " good work eddy " johnny said " next nazz " grim said " my challenge is you two to make the most beautifull barbi " nazz and and they finish and first was ed and his barbi wasnt very beautifull but eddy barbi was beautifull " nice work eddy " nazz said " next double d " grim said " ed and eddy i want you to collect many instruments of cleaning from there many instruments collected wins " double d said and he showed the instruments and ed get a lot and eddy too and they give to double d " well i say eddy " double d said " and the last one rolf " grim said " rolf challenge is to eat many weenies the one who finished all the weenies wins " rolf said and ed and eddy begin to eat , eddy couldnt eat anymore and ed eat all the weenies " edboy with an eyebrow wins " rolf said "ok old contenstents its time to vote and the vote confession " grim said .

they make the votes " the votes are done lets one vote for eddy , another vote for eddy , a vote for ed , another vote for eddy , another vote for ed , another vote for ed , the next vote for plank " grim said annoyed " what plank said to vote for himself " johnny said " ok its 3-3 and the last vote is for eddy " grim said " yay " eddy screamed in joy .

at the ceremony the all kids were there " at last at the final ceremony i declare the winner of Holly-ed eddy " grim said and the kids cheerd and grim gived eddy the check of million of dollars " ok guys tomorrow party at my house back at the cul-de-sac " eddy said and the kids cheerd " and ed i will share some of my money with you for saving my life " eddy said " thanks eddy " ed said " not a problem " eddy said " that was sweet of you eddy " double d said " hey eddy do you know what time is it " kevin said and eddy nodded " no no no no guys wait " grim screamed being carried by eddy , ed , kevin and rolf and the other kids watched " one , two , three " eddy , ed , kevin and rolf said throwing together grim at water " i waited so much from this show " lee said " how do you like that skull boy " marie said " yeah how do you like that " may said " oh kankers " kevin said " your next " eddy said and they carried the kankers " noooooooooooooo " the kankers screamed and ed , eddy , kevin and rolf throw the kankers into the water and all the kids laughed at the end .

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