The show begin " hello welcome back to the show meet the cast : Holly-ed , i think you wonder why i let the schemmers who are the kanker sisters to enter to the show and make big troubles to the children well today show you will know why did the kanker sisters joined Holly-ed starting with may " grim said and may showed up " so may why did you wanted to be on the show making trouble to the eds and the kids " grim said " well i wanted to see my boyfriend in every day thats why " may said " ok so next is marie " so marie showed up " so marie why are in the show you know troubling the eds and the kids " grim said " well you pay me if i do my job good right " marie said " right " grim said " next one is the leader of the sisters lee " grim said and lee showed up " so lee why are you in the show and causing trouble to the eds and the kids " grim said " well i want too money and to see my boyfriend every day " lee said " so you know people why are the kanker sisters in the show but just one question now kankers why did you choose the name the schemers " grim said " because our boyfriends make scams so we choose the name the schemers " lee said " well thank you for answearing the questions now the limosine is outside now go it will take you back at the studio " grim said and the kanker go to the limosine " well looks like we have to end the show for today so bye bye people " grim said and he dissapeared .

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