Eddy thinks it is Kevin's fault he failed the last mission so he strives to get revenge.


Eddy: You... Are... Terrible! (He followed Kevin)

Kevin: You're getting dominated, Chuckle-head. (Kevin left to play Kick-the-Demoman)

Eddy: Is that all you got, moron.

Edd: That just ain't right! Now I've seen everything.

Ed: Ohh... (Holding up a pickle)

Kevin: Oh, are you gonna cry? (After kicking Demoman)

Ed: The next time try to lie! (Eddy screamed into Kevin's ear)

Kevin: I will never stop killing you! (Kevin pulled the strings on Eddy's jacket, causing only his mouth to show, then pushing him towards Edd and Ed)

Edd: Now that there was a fine peice of s_ (Since Eddy couldn't see he kept punching the air looking for Kevin)

Eddy: Well, rat up, Cyclops. The best man won, you ball throwing drunk. (Eddy fixes his jacket and then looks for Kevin) The clog just got cleaned. Death reception, pal, look into it! There's something you could build next time, a not dying machine!

Ed: Very good! Very good! Very good! Very good! (Ed said sliding on the soap)

Edd: I need some dog gone help! This point ain't gonna cap itself!

Eddy: Don't bring a ranch to a gun fight. Here's a skematic for you, my ass.

Edd: Get over here! I need help cappin' this point!

Next Scene

Eddy: You're gonna get dominated, Chuckle-head. (He hid behind a bush with Edd) Dominated. Look it up. (Eddy pushed Edd to the ground, and put grass on his head for camouflage) Fat bastard! Today ain't your day pancakes.

Edd: (Groans)

Ed: Which one of you is crying? (Ed brought things from under his bed to throw at Kevin)

Eddy: Yeah, yeah, yeah! Play ball!

Ed: (Yells in Russian) Take charge!

Edd:That just ain't right!

Ed: Charge me!

Eddy: (He smelt Ed's lunch from last year) Medic! Medic! Doc! Come on, man!

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