Eddy: I'm not even winded. I should be on a baseball card. (Laughes) Hey look at me, ma. Hey, ma! Turn the frickin' center. What the Hell is going on?

Ed: (Telephone rings, picks up bone) You are no match for me.

Edd: We need a dispenser right here. (Picks up the phone) Howdy partner.

Eddy: Hey engineer, what's up.

Edd: Now I've seen everything.

Eddy: Push the frickin' cart!

Edd: I told you don't touch that darn thing. That's what you get, that's what it was made for. Heavy, please remove yerself from my legs.

Eddy: I need help cappin' this point! (doorbell rings) What the Hell is everybody doing? Go, go, go!

Nazz: All in a days work, but of course.

Ed: Which one of you is crying? (Ed jumped through the door)

Eddy: We got a spy. Yeah, there's a spy over here!

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