'The eds realize they are going into the military forcefully. Everybody is happy,except the eds. They're going into the Marines, 1st Battalion. During the war, the eds devised a plan. The Eds Would go to war, get shot in the foot, and go home with a Purple heart. it doesn't work.Thus plan fails, and they can't go home. But, they realized, they're parents don't care if they die. So, they escape the base, and get revenge. It was all a lie, however, and got sent to prison. The eds are homesick, and want to go home. After 5 months, they can go home. They realized the military shaped thier lives. Everybody, except Kevin, are happy to see them. Kevin challenges Eddy for control of the Cul-de-sac. If Eddy wins, he gets control of the cul-de-sac, If he loses, he is banished forever. In the military, Eddy got stronger. Kevin wrestles Eddy for control, but Eddy is stronger. He gets control of 'his neck, and strangles kevin. He is now in control. But realizes he doesn't want this. He now lives as a regular culdesac kid, longing for attention

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