Mobile Ed Eddam is an upcoming fan-fiction by Scam that will be on this summer it will also have a flash version that will air on Newgrounds.


Double D builds the Eds' own version of the guntank, guncannon and gundam to sell as a scam. but before they can be sold eddy's brother's army attacks in Brother 2s (Eddy's brother's army's version of the Zakou 2 from Mobile Suit Gundam). But when eddy gets in the Eddam (Ed version of the gundam) and attacks an all out war follows between the Eds and Eddy's Brother.


The theme song for the flash version will be rhythm emotion and it will be played in the intro and just communication will be played in the credits.


  • When Double D is knocked out Eddy becomes nice for the rest of the series.
  • Eddy's pilot suit is the one he wore in "Ready, Set, Ed".
  • There is a love story between Eddy and Sarah but the series ends with Eddy and Nazz.
  • Eddy is the main character of the series.
  • The Eds rebuild Edtropolis on the moon making the Eds the first to colonize a planet other then Earth.
  • Kevin, Jonny, Rolf and Eddy's Brother are the villains of the series.
  • Eddy, Nazz and Kevin are new types.