Age: 14
Owner: Manta-bee
Credits: Tomboy
Edd's Cousin
Portrayer: Tabitha St. Germain (fictuously)
First Appearance: "Cousin Ed"

Molly is Edd's older cousin. She is a rough-and-tumble kind of girl. It implies that Kevin may possibly have a crush on her (but only for Cousin Ed, as it is never shown again afterwards.)


Molly wears an orange T shirt with tomato colored sleeves, bluish violet colored jeans and black shoes, she has dark hair, orange-ish tan skin and freckles. She also has a cyan colored tongue.


Molly is a sporty girl, in contrast to Edd, who is more brainy, and it was this that made her get on well with Kevin and Nazz. Molly regards Edd as her "nerdy little cousin" most of the time. She only took part in Eddy's scam remarkably once, and it fell apart (or at least wrapped up) once she accidentally revealed the bakery's "ingredients", though she just shrugged off the mishap.


  • Unseen parents
  • Sandy (younger sister)
  • Aunt
  • Uncle
  • Edd (cousin)
  • Triple-E (future nephew) According to ThugLife64 (BestEEnEFan)


Video Games


  • Molly was originally a creation of the creator's friend. The creator then added Sandy as her younger sister. In the original writing, she was supposed to be Edd's sister. Upon realizing that would be impossible, as Edd had stated he was an only child in "Rambling Ed", she was then switched to being Sandy's sister.
  • Her An, Ann n Anny counterpart would be named "Moe".
  • She was modeled after Fa Mulan of Disney's Mulan, and in the original writing, "Mulan" was her given name in the transcript. Before certain issues could arrise, and to avoid comments about copyright infringement, while also considering the name would be too unusual for her, considering she was an Ed, Edd n Eddy fan character, her name was changed to Molly.

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