Monopol-Ed is a fanfiction by HyperInuyasha, in which the Kids play a game of Monopoly.


So the kids are playing Monopoly. Edd is the bank. Eddy got 12. Ed got 9. Kevin got 8. Rolf got 1 (somehow). Jimmy got 7. Sarah got 2. Jonny got 2. Nazz got 2.

Of course Eddy is cheating. His dice are the master control. However, it does not affect Ed, since the puts the dice in his mouth. When the others found out, Eddy went to jail.

Several turns later, many has changed over the time. Eddy had gained control of Baltic Avenue, Reading Railroad, Oriental Avenue, Connetticut Avenue, the Electric Avenue, Indiana Avenue, Water Works, Pacific Avenue, and Boardwalk, with a whopping 12,300 dollars. Ed had St Charles Place, States Avenue, New York Avenue, Illinois Anevue, North Carolina Avenue, and Park Place and has a fair 10,200 dollars. Kevin measly had Virginia Avenue, St James Place, and B&O Railroad, only having 5700 dollars. Jimmy however, had gotten to half of the other spaces and has 6400 dollars. It was Kevin's turn. Kevin robbed Eddy and Eddy created Ed Co.

Ed's turn. He used some pretty weird cards. Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. The board was filled with creatures.

"O...M...G..." Indeed. For the Monopoly Man popped out from the box. He was going to enslave the kids, until Jonny put him in the box, with Plank as guard.

When all this was over, Eddy said "...Let's not play together ever again."


  • Eddy: "Since I control the Electric Company, I'll cut off the power to make myself more money!" [Everyone stared at him]
    Ed: "Hey! Give back my electricity Eddy!"
    Edd: "Well.... there's nothing saying that you can't do that."
    Kevin: "ARE YOU SERIOUS!?"
    Edd: "Unfortunatley I am. Eddy gains 20 extra dollars."

  • Ed: "My turn! I use Mystic Space Tycoon!"
    Sarah: "That is a Yu-Gi-Oh card idiot."

  • Eddy: "...Let's not play together ever again."


  • Jonny breaks the fourth wall by saying "Oh no! I always knew cartoons would be the end of us!".
  • Several rules of the Official Monopoly are broken.

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