The eds are having a normal day on Peach creek,when they hear about the old house. People who have seen the house have never came back. They are the only three to save the cul-de-sac from certain doom. Eddy wants to save it for money. Double D wants to save it for the people. And Ed, well, he's dumb. They ready their super soaker guns to battle it. the police find them intending to drug the house. the police are swallowed alive, while the Eds watch in horror. They too are swallowed too but not digested. They are trapped in the house. And they are separated. They fight enemiesalong the way. They meet in the circus. They find out that the critchety, fat woman, lives in the house and was buried alive. They get to the furnace to put it out, but are chased out of the house. They are chased to the dried river, and ed, well, gets a back hoe. Eddy gets a piece of dynamite. and throws it down the chimney. the eds are heroes, for now....

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