At firday night edd and eddy went to ed's house for a sleepover double d brings school books and eddy brings the pizza and drinks. ed bring a scray movie call dr.skulls and holds perfect pillows for a pillow fight in the middle of the night the eds heard the evil laughing sound then the eds but instead a dr.skulls and all the monster coming out of ed's tv and the eds ran outside and all the monster run outside too the eds are running and dr.skulls got out of the tv two and he make more monster to kill the eds and the kids double d is got worng everyone jimmy woke up and look at he window he saw the eds running from the monster jimmy ran to he phone and call sarah monster in the cul de sac sarah call rolf and rolf call nazz and nazz call kevin and kevin call jonny and the eds saw the sun coming and double d got a plan he climb on he house and he call out the monster and all the monster ran to double d and the sun is up and all the monster sucking back to the tv and dr.skulls ed and eddy are ran to double d the kids ran double d two and double d was hero to save the cul de sac three days later in school ed and eddy got a A and double d got a A double d said you two did done your homework in the weekend double d was laughing.

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