Ed, Edd n Eddy Episode
"My Best Friends"
Season No.: 2
Episode No.: 31
Writer(s): lukester_cycle1414
Director(s): lukester_cycle1414
Previous Episode: The Panther
Next Episode: Ed Edd n Eddy's Christmas Special


When Eddy was sitting on the fence in the lane and thinking about his friends Double D and Ed who went away to summer school without Eddy. And Eddy saw 2 little boys playing music instruments, harmonica. Eddy walked over to them and the little boys got scared from Eddy. Eddy tired to be nice to the little boys. Eddy and Little Boy (Carl) and (Edward) were brothers and were become a best friends. Eddy, Carl and Edward went down to music class and there playing and singing from the Beatles songs, "Money Can't Buy Me Love".

And when Ed and Double D got back from summer school and saw Eddy and his 2 new best friend. Ed and Double D got angry with Eddy and the 2 boys were scarred away.

Next morning, Eddy looking very cross at the Eds and Eddy walk to the door and slam the door and he walk off to noway and the Eds are fell sorry for them.

that night, Eddy was still in a bad moon and saw a 2 boys were sitting on bus stop. Eddy walk over and told them Eddy were fell sorry for them and Eddy thinks there hate him like Kevin, But the boys show a necklace and give it to Eddy and the boys give Eddy big hug to say goodbye and the Bus arrived and Eddy say "goodbye".

Next morning the Eds are back to School. Double D and Ed give Eddy a letter from the boys before there gone back to New York. Eddy opening it and Saw a beautiful pictures of the having a good time and Eddy thank you the eds for helping Eddy to be a best friends ever!

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