Ed, Edd n Eddy Episode
"My Strike Lady (Episode)"
My Strike Lady 1
Season No.: 1
Episode No.: 3
Title Reference: My Fair Lady
Writer(s): TheBiggestEdFan
Previous Episode: Aliens Of the Earth (Episode)
Next Episode: Beach Trip (Episode)

My Strike Lady is an episode of Total Ed Island.


Eddy wakes up the players with a trumpet. Kevin screams at Eddy. The scammer annouces that there will be an exercise challenge. Then, all of the players report to the exercise area. Eddy gives the campers there uniforms. The Screamers and the Killers go to the push up area. Eddy goes up to Edd and asks him if he's ready. Then, the team starts push ups. The goal of ones are 20. Ed, May, Kevin, Rolf and Lee go over the goal. Edd only does 5. Then, Killer Eds are up. Nazz and Marie go over the goal. Jonny runs away, Sarah treats Jimmy who only did one before he broke his "funnybone", and Plank just sat there. Because he's a piece of wood, silly! The Screaming Eds win. Next challenge is a swimming lap challenge. The Screaming Eds win that one, too. The Killer Eds give the evil eye to Jimmy and Jonny. Jonny asks "What?". At the bonfire, Eddy gives everyone a Guilded Eddy down to Jimmy and Plank. Jimmy looks scared, but Plank just sat there. Jimmy is given a chocalte Eddy, Plank is voted off. Jonny screams at Eddy when Plank is thrown on the boat by Nazz and Marie. The boat drives away and Jonny runs up. The episode ends with Jonny screaming "PLAAAAAAAANK!"


  • Eddy: Hey Double D, ready for the exercise challenge?


  • Eddy: The final Guilded Eddy goes to... (Jimmy looks scared, Plank just sits) Jimmy!

Jimmy: Luck be a lady tonight!

Jonny: Plank didn't get a Guilded Eddy? Why'd ya vote for Plank? Eddy, WHY DID YOU COUNT THE VOTES?!

Eddy: They're the rules, baldhead.

Jonny: I'm not putting Plank on the boat! (Nazz and Marie grab Plank, and throw him on the boat)


  • Plank is voted off.
  • This episode originally had a romance challenge.

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