&nbsp edd puts the next reel named the standoff where it picked with the ancestors running at the gate

eddymus: come on double m read the inscription

double m: foot snake squiggle squiggle bird

then the gate opens

emu: you did it

double m: well it works with five languages guys is easy to get out of practise but once you

then they hear a growl and they run and there is sarahndra who is angry

sarahndra: darn it they are getting away

at the disorient express

double m: here we are fellas back from our trip from egypt at the disorient express

eddymus: with the toybox on our

then eddymus opens the case and the toybox isnt there

double m: oh my we were robbed

emu: i think it happened when we were at dinner

double m: which means the robber is on this train

emu sees something

emu: look guys cookie crums

they see cookie crums

eddymus: then that means sarahndra

double m: we must get back the toybox and i know how

then they exit their room and next to them is sarahndra room they put milk and cookies and double m knocks at the door

sarahndra: yeah

emu: sounds like my baby sister sarahndra

sarahndra: what do you want

double m: room service

sarahndra: for the love of one minute

then eddymus uses the can o nuts and they are inside the can and sarahndra opens the door and she sees

sarahndra: cookies and milk and can o nuts you are bad snacks

sarahndra then takes the plate and she drinks milk and the ancenstors appears

sarahndra: what the

then a case knocks out sarahndra

double m: shes out col

eddymus opens a case and its empty

eddymus: its empty

double m: if sarahndra doesnt have the toybox then who those

then sarahndra wakes up and she sees her case empty

sarahndra: my toybox it dissapeared , emu i tell to mom when we get back

then she beats them and throw them out of her room then the train was coming at a end at peach creek

double m: so if sarahndra doesnt have the toybox then who dose

voice: everybody we have reached at end at peach creek

then the ancestors see johnnyius and he has the toybox

the ancestors: johnnyius airwood

johnnyius: hey guys we found the toybox and get it from sarahndra room

eddymus: you know you could of told us

johnnyius: oh sorry

then eddymus started to beat johnnyius and he grabbed the toybox

eddymus: i think i feel myself calm

double m: lets get this toybox back at the theatre gentleman we have an appointment with monsieur keviniscopus

then reel 3 is finished

ed: thats it no credits or anything

double d: this is not the end ed we have just more one reel to duck out of about how our ancestors died and how did the toybox ended here

then edd puts the last reel

edd: and speaking of ducking out i have to go to the bathroom but dont watch the reel without me

then edd goes but then eddy and ed dont listen and they press the button and they start to watch the last reel .

to be continues

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