after breakfast , eddy said that the teams are dissolved that means everyone for themselves and eddy announces that the next challenge is to heist a bank . and there was lost of safe and eddy said the person who breaks the safe first will win the first challenge , the others tried to break the safe but no one could but ed used his head and break the safe and there was money with eddy picture on the money and the next challenge was to everyone to build their vehicle themselves and to participe in the race and there was a reward the money from the bank that the others tried to break , jenny build a car with fast engine , ed a gravy mobile , kevin with his bike , dick build a car with soda as engine , liz a bike with the maxim engine to go fast , kyle a bike what goes very slow , may build a car with hearts , lee build a automobile , nazz withher rolls and marie build a bike with an skull on . and the race begin , because of liz maxim engine to go fast she knock out the other vehicles of ed , dick and jenny , the kanker sisters battle themselves and destory their vehicles , and the last racers was kevin and nazz and kevin was going faster and he was at the finish line that means kevin won the challenge with kyle who dint get at the finish because of his bike what goes very slow . at the guilded eddy ceremony the guilded eddy goes ed , jenny , dick , kevin , nazz , marie , lee and may and the bottom two was liz and kyle and the last guilded eddy was kyle and liz was upset that she was eliminated and said at the end o episode walking to the lameozine that this isn t the last time when they hear about liz

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