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37 years old
Blonde hair

Basic Information
Jolene is Nazz' mother. She's a regular housewife, but has many hobbies.

Jolene joined alot of beauty pageants in her younger years, and started off at the age of 2. She considered it a fun experience, even though her parents pushed her to do it and she didn't have much of time to be playing with her friends. It was until she met Martin at a fashion convention at the age of 21 she first considered about quitting, yet she and her parents still continued for 2 years afterwards.

While Martin obviously liked her ever since he saw her, it was Jolene who had an absolute crush on him, despite his weight.

She quit her job as a model because she wanted to have a relationship and start a family with him.

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33 years old
Blonde hair

Basic Information
Martin is Nazz' father. He's a gym trainer.
He's a shy man who has a slight case of people-fear, as he's always afraid of what they might think of him.

When Martin was 17, he and his family were on a family trip and visited a fashion convention, at his sister's demand, where Jolene was showcasing a collection of clothing together with a handful other models. Because Martin was rather chubby at the time, he didn't have the courage to hang around girls for too long, and felt less than comfortable.

After the show, he bumped Jolene over by accident when he and his family were roaming around backstage. To his surprise she wasn't angry or annoyed with him, unlike the other models.
Because he and his family felt silly for knocking over one of the models, they invited her "for some fries with cheese"; an offer which she strangely enough accepted. Martin and Jolene held close contact ever since, and he and his family always bothered to attend her beauty pageants, catwalks and shows.

When Jolene was showing interest in him, Martin started dieting and working out, even though that was never her concern.

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  • The name "Jolene" is derived from the song "Jolene"
  • The relation Jolene and Martin had when they were young is slightly similar to the artist's interpretation of Nazz and Kevin's past.

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