The Second Episode of The Adventures Season 1 where Nazz has another Sprinkler Party, Lucas is Invited but The Only Thing is The Eds Aren't allowed, so Lucas Finds a Way to Get Them in.


Nazz is having another Sprinkler Party, and Lucas is Invited, so Lucas invites The Eds but once they get there The Eds Weren't allowed, Eddy Decides to Sneak in and Lucas makes a Ridiculously absurd Excuse to do so but once they get there it's over.


  • Lucas: Hey Kev, i have to use the bathroom.

Kevin: Ok, Just come in--

Lucas: Uh, I have to use Ed's Bathroom, Clean Toilets give me gas.

Kevin: [In Disgust] Ok Then, Come back later.

Eddy: is That True?

Lucas: Nah, Just an Excuse.


  • The Plot is similar to The Second Level of Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Mis Ed-ventures
  • There will be a Spin-off Episode Called If They got There on Time

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