Nazz's Pool party is a new episode Of Phineas and Ferb\Ed Edd n Eddy Crossover Series


Nazz announces that she's having a pool party while her parents are away for the weekend and she asks Mrs. Flynn to be a lifeguard. The next day, Phineas & Edd start to prepare the invitations to the party. Just then, Isabella and the Fireside girls walked in Nazz's front gate and sees what there doing. Edd tells them that Nazz is having a pool party and Phineas gives them invites and tells them that the party is on Friday at 3:30pm. At 3:00pm everyone was at there lockers and see they got invitations to Nazz's party. Everyone but Kevin got invitations. When the kids were at the pool party having extreme fun the Kankers(with the execpition of May who was invited)break in and they almost violated everything and everyone(Except Edd & Mrs. Flynn)and tried to kiss Eddy (only Lee) . Then Sarah got extremely angry, attacked the Kankers and through them out of the window back to the trailer park. At 7:00 the kids happily enjoyed the pool party(with exception of Kevin) At the end Kevin wanted to drink some water suddenly a bunch of spiders were in the kitchen, to which Eddy and Ferb laughed and clapped hands as they did it.


Phineas-Vincent Martella

Ferb- Thomas Sangster

Isabella- Alysone Stoner

Ed-Matt Hill

Edd-Samuel Vincent

Eddy- Tony Sampson

Sarah and Lee- Janyse Judd

ms- Flynn- Caroline Rhea

Background Information

This is one of the few episodes where Eddy isn´t focus much on doing a scam with Phineas and Ferb.

Ferb breaks the fourth wall by saying "Oh, this how Kankers always appear or is it how the script goes?"


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