Her with Plank.






Late teens (suspected to be 17)



Nel is Fearsunspoken's (Deviantart) orignal character. She is set to be introduced in Her issues, Not his day, and Anything but ordinary.


Nel is known for sneaking around while narrating herself out loud, "Borrowing" things without permission for her collection of oddities (She gives them back if shes asked), kidnapping Plank though she usually fails (it's her goal in life), watching things play out and basically having a good time.


  • She knows just about everything that goes on in the Cul-de-sac but normally only tells you part of it and/or in a cryptic way.
  • The only things that is certain she doesn't know is that her glasses are cracked and why her pea soup always turns orange.
  • She does not know Johnny's name and when she greets him she says "Hello Plank...... And holder of Plank."
  • Everyone calls her 'Speckles' because of the large glasses on her head(which she doesn't need)
  • Nel doesn't claim anyone to be her friends. Its more of who claims to be her friend.
  • She is basically the Cul-de-sac loon.

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