Ed, Edd n Eddy Episode
"New Kids On the Block"
Season No.: 2
Episode No.: 15
Title Reference: New Kid on the Block
Writer(s): Spongeman537
Director(s): Spongeman537
Previous Episode: Deep, Deep Trouble, Double D
Next Episode: Home Alone

New Kids on the Block is the 15th episode of 2009 Ed-ition!


The group is trying their latest scam, free ice cream (real ice cream this time), when a Mover truck comes up to Mrs. Lastron's old home, and a new girl comes out of the car, and Ed falls in love with her. They go over and introduce themselves, and the girl's name is Chloe and seems to have a brother named Tyler who seems to love to earn cash. While the others talk to him about their scams, Ed tries to talk with Chloe, but faints.

When Ed wakes up, Chloe is taking care of him. When he gets out, eddy asks him why he fainted, and Ed reveals he is in love. Double D opens up a "love class" to teach the 4 about love, and tells Ed to try to see what they have in common. So, Ed goes over to Chloe and asks her all types of questions, but they seem to have nothing in common. Eddy tells Ed to buy her flowers, but this fails too.

None of their advice works, and so Ed decides he should just tell her he likes her. However, she is frightened by Ed's revelation, and Ed finally gives up. Eddy tells him he shouldn't care, as love is not everything.


  • This is the first episode to feature Chloe and Tyler. Tyler appears as an honorary member of the group several times after this episode, but Chloe only makes cameos.

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