Edddrick (Eddd or 3d):

Being a comination of all 4 eds and the same age, 3d is into money, philosophy, and comics.

eddd is the 5th ed, and is the best friends of ed edd eddy edna and johnny 2x4.

3d is a creator, usually with solar energy, 3d created a robot out of solar panels called T.A.B.

standing for the assistant bot. T.A.B. is used alot, and only stops during an eclipse.

Willinson (Willie)

Willie is 3d's big brother, and is mostly like eddy's brother and his best friend.


Maxxi is 3d's little sister, mostly by one year. Maxxi is mature in her age, but hangs out with sarah.

Maxxi has a crush on jimmy, making her all sweaty and nervous when he is near.


  • 3d is the only one in the eds that doesn't have a crush on Nazz but has a crush Lee Kanker.

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