today the kids were eating and grim appeared " congratulations to the kids who got to final 5 now todays challenge is to have the mind of a criminal so go to studio 33 " grim said and the kids now are to studio 33 " today challenge is to rub a bank so there are 5 safes if one of you breaks the safe first wins the first part of the challenge so begin " grim said and the others to their safes , at eddy get to the safe and he tried with things to break it , double d try some of his instruments , nazz dint want to break the dafe because she would get her hands dirty , rolf uses his strenght to break the safe but still doesnt , but ed uses his ed but then ed used his head with power and he break the safe " attention ed break the safe first so he wins the first part of the challenge " grim said .

" the next final part is to build your own vehicles and race to the finish line the one who gets there first wins so begin " grim said and the kids begin , eddy make a car with soda as motor speed , ed maked a gravy mobile , rolf well rolf had wilfred for the race , nazz maked the most powerfull bike with super speed , and double d make a automobile " ok its time to begin ready , set , go " grim said and the race begin , nazz used her super speed motor and her bike was moving very fast until her bike exploded along with double d and rolf and they were out of the challenge and ed and eddy were left eddy used his soda motor speed and its worked he was and he get to the finish line " eddy wins the challenge and gets 10 points and ed from winning from the first part of the challenge he gets 9 points while the rest nothing and eddy your reward is a bag of money from the dafe that ed break so i will se you at the elimination " grim said .

at the elimination " its time to begin eddy , ed and rolf , double d and nazz the last guilded grim goes double d , sorry nazz but your out " grim said and nazz was going " bye guys i wish you luck " nazz said and she goes to the lameosine and goes back to the cul-de-sac .






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