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Ed, Edd n Eddy Episode
"Once an Ed, Always an Ed"
Once an ed always an ed
Season No.: 1
Episode No.: 1
Production Code:  ????
Airdate:  ????
Title Reference: Once a (Blank) Always a (Blank)
Next Episode: Ed-Cola

Once an Ed, Always an Ed is the pilot for Solo28's Ed Edd n Eddy: Scammers Return.


It starts out with the Eds looking for ideas for scams. Ed thinks they should do a Chicken Carnival. Eddy denies it, and Edd likes it. Then Eddy says he just likes Ed's ideas. Edd acts suspiciously like that's true. Then Eddy thinks about Role playing. Everyone participates. But after a while, Everybody forgets who they really are and everybody goes wild. Then Ed, Edd n Eddy have to calm them down.

Who the Kids were

  • Jonny - Plank
  • Kevin - Rolf
  • Rolf - Kevin
  • Plank - Jonny
  • Nazz - Got to choose, Herself


The Link to the Fan-Fiction

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