"One Ed Trouble!!"
Date written: 2009
Writer: Yang the Hedgehog
Series: The New EDventures of Ed, Edd n Eddy
Fanfic No.: 001
Previous Fanfic: Eds Party
Next Fanfic: Another Ed Valentine's Day

"One Ed Trouble!!" is the first episode of the unofficial season 6 of The New EDventures of Ed, Edd n Eddy created by Yang the Hedgehog.


New residents appear in the Cul-de-Sac, and Ed and Eddy fall in love with the new girls, Liz and Jenny. Double-D creates a new Scam with Ed and Eddy, a fight with the name Ed Ball Y (parody of Dragon Ball Z). Ed now is the fighter Oozaru Ed and Eddy now is Son Eddy and their team fights against Kevin-Nator, but Kevin can't fight, and now the Eds have to protect him against it. and the eds dicurber with is a death and shound reunitting the seven ed ball for reborn he but anyone shound defeat kevinator and for this ed atack kevin nator but him repeled with a tornado of power and atack the hero teams but ed counter atack with a gigantic kaioken jawbreakerha and damage severous very kevin nator but this empty all hi ki and faint but eddy reunit the ed balls rborn kevin and the eds win the game


  • Eddy: [as Son Eddy] "Jawbreaker-Ha!!!"
    Ed: [as Oozaru Ed] "Sheldon and Sheldon Jr. Fire Wall!!!!"

  • Eddy: [as Son Eddy] "We need to find the 7 Ed Balls!"
    Kevin: [as The Kevin-Nator] "Good-bye, Dorks!!! You're challenging me?!"
    Edd: "Oh no!!!!!"
    Liz: "Ed, be careful!!"


  • Oozaru Ed is a Dragon Ball Z parody, referring to Goku in his great ape form.
  • Son Eddy is a parody of Son Goku.
  • Liz is now Ed's girlfriend.
  • Eddy develops a crush on Jenny.
  • Kevin, as the Kevin-Nator uses many lines used by video-game bosses. Examples:
    • "Dark!" (The final boss Xemnas, from Kingdom Hearts 2)
    • "'R' to reload" (Xigbar, from Kingdom Hearts 2)
    • "Dance Water Dance!" (Demyx, from Kingdom Hearts 2)
    • "Show me your evil heart!" (Devilman in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3)
    • "Take this!" (Dr. Eggman in Shadow the Hedgehog)
  • The Jawbreaker-Ha is a parody of the attack originally called the Kamehameha.

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