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One week was written by The Master Simm on Known as James Knox on this website.


The story begins with Eddy waiting for Ed in front of a fast food place called Dick's Wings (Later revealed to be a hot spot for the eds.) It is established that Ed can drive and he picks Eddy up. Then it is revealed that they had both left and had not heard from Double D. When they reach the Cul-De-Sac they find it in shambles from the Kankers. They decide to go to Ed's house and when they hear the Kankers outside the hide in the sub-basement. (A large storm cellar that had been unearthed by an invention of Double D's before the story.) They find the kids hiding who grab them and bring them to the surface. They see the Kankers and a boy who introduces himself as Mar (pronounced like mare). In an effort to escape Eddy tells Ed Mar has wibbles in his hat and he breaks free from Rolf and knocs Mar's fedora off revealing that he is Edd. This revelation and Mar subsequently beating Ed and Eddy scares the other children off leaving them and the kankers. Marie manages to calm Mar down who tells them to grab the eds but Jonny comes with a broken bottle and slashes Mar's left cheek. Leaving the eds room to escape. Later the eds decide to confront him the next day and Mar out of respect for Jonny's actions lets him go and gives him Plank. They confront Mar at the trailer park and Mar tells the Kankers about how the eds don't like them because of their forcefulness and he sets off a hidden catapult to send him and the eds to the pit. Eddy wakes up in the pit to find Ed and Mar fighting with unsharp swords and then he smashes Mar's left hand with a metal pipe. This sets Mar back to being Double D and they take him to the hospital. Sometime later Double D waits at the bus stop and the other eds come pick him up their friendship mended. Then they set off to Bullworth Acadamy


On the FanFiction.Net page of The.Master.Simm two sequels are listed as future stories. These are the official summaries as written by the author.

All Hail the Heartbreaker

After the Mar incident the Ed's all are sent to Bullworth acadamy. After befriending Jimmy it seams they have it made, but after Edd starts hanging out with an alegged townie Tobias he starts to find changes in himself. Will contain a Male/Male relationship do not read if that bugs you.


After the Bullworth incident the remaining Ed's, Russel, Jimmy, and Pete all go to the Cul-De-Sac to save it from Gary and his partners.

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