"Operation: E.D."
Date written: July 9, 2009
Writer: TEd711
Link: [1]

Eds-treme Disaster

Operation ED is a crossover between Codename KND and Ed, Edd n Eddy, made by TEd711.


Inspection day for the KND! *groan* And Sector V is stuck with Peach Creek, the very Peach Creek where Ed, Edd n Eddy live. As they inspect the whole town, from the school, to the Junkyard, to one of Ed, Edd n Eddy's scams, an evil plot is put into action. For while they inspect, the candy store containing the much-coveted Grade-A Jawbreakers is closed!!! So, Ed, Edd n Eddy (and apparently Jonny) have to team up with the KND to stop whoever is doing this.

Codename Ed's Next Door Operation E.D.-B.O.Y.

The Eds as Numbuh 1997, Numbuh 3.14(/(Double-)D) and Numbuh 777.

Their first mission is called Operation C.A.K.-E.D.: again the KND must steal the DCFDTL's cake. Numbuh 777 (Eddy) distracted the DCFDTL with a gambling game (who he won a lot, by the way) The remaining KND snuck up by the back of the mansion to get the cake. Numbuh 3.14(/(Double-)D) (Edd) thought about why there was no scent on the cake, and Numbuh 4 said it was because the lid was still on. Numbuh 3.14 noticed immediately it was a trap when the cake glimmered. But Numbuh 4 took heed a little too late, and set off the alarm.

Meanwhile, the DCFDTL were busy with Eddy's game when the alarm went off. They quickly realized it was a decoy. Eddy took the coins he earned and ran towards the back of the house (going outside first). He quickly ran to the remaining KND, exposing himself when the DCFDTL talked to the guards. Numbuh 1337 (Ed) started smelling the cake, and Edd hoped than Eddy does not use the gym bag trick again. Eddy became insane when he walked through the hallways and asked how many were in the DCFDTL's mansion. Numbuh 2 said there were 100, which is far below Eddy's guess of a million.

After close examination, Edd concluded than the cake the KND found was the real thing. Just when Numbuh 1 started to get the cake, Sarah came out of nowhere. When Ed smelled her, he noticed she is not using the usual perfume she uses. The DCFDTL also came out of nowhere. Wait a minute... aren't there five of them? Ed quickly noticed that Sarah was not Sarah when he saw her tongue: pink, instead of purple, like it should be. Sarah was actually one of the DCFDTL - the one that went to the bathroom. Quickly, chains surrounded the cake. IT'S A TRAP...again. Numbuhs 3 and 1337 went one way and ended on an control room, while the remaining KND (Numbuhs 1, 2, 4, 5, 3.14 and 777) went another way and ended up in a room similar to rooms found in dungeons. Suddenly the walls started closing on them (literally) -it's another trap! Edd contacted Ed to find his and Numbuh 3's location. Once Ed told Edd than the room they were in had a lot of buttons, Edd told that was the control room. Numbuh 1 asked Ed to find the button to disable the trap in the other room, but Ed being... well, Ed, pressed buttons randomly, even though Numbuh 3 told him which button to press. After Numbuh 3 started screaming (probably as loud as Sarah), Ed finally pressed the big red button that disabled the bubble trap where the other KND were. Ed quickly thought they lost their lives, due to the screaming they were making.

Wait? Where's Numbuh 2x4(-Tempoary) (Jonny)? Why, he's in the cake room, of course!

List of Scams

  • Marine Ed


  • Edd: INSPECTION DAY?!?! OH DEAR! OHDEAROHDEAROHDEAR! I have to get ready! Stay calm, Double D, stay calm.

  • Numbuh 2: We come in peach!
    Edd (to himself): Barring all jokes, at least someone responded to my greeting.

  • Eddy (to Numbuh 4): Wait a minute. Let’s stand back to back. (to Ed) Hey Lumpy! Which one’s taller?
    (Ed looked at Eddy. Then at Numbuh 4. Then at Eddy. Then at Numbuh 4. Ed began to sweat. He looked at Eddy. Then he looked at Numbuh 4. Then at Eddy. Then at Numbuh 4.)
    Numbuh 2: I’ll answer. (He looked at Eddy. Then at Numbuh 4. He smiled) I’m happy to say that I think I’ve found someone your age that you’re taller than, Numbuh 4.

  • Edd: “I trusted Ed with the key after locking Eddy in. A bad mistake on my part.”
    Numbuh 3: “What happened to the key?”
    Ed: "I ate it! Discretely."

    Numbuh 4: “That’s like a buhzillion dollars!”
    Edd: “You really don’t know your math, do you?”

  • Numbuh 5 [to herself]: I can’t help but think that I know this person with a sock on his head looks familiar.

  • Eddy: Alright, Mr. ‘I’m so cool and tough with the sunglasses’, we’d like to know just what the heck the Kids Next Door is. Double D’s the smart one, yet he doesn’t know a thing about it!

  • Numbuh 1: “Some even choose to ignore their children, yet tell them to do stuff, like clean the kitchen and wash dishes.”
    Eddy [to Edd]: “That sounds like your parents.”
    Edd: “Oh Dear, you’re right.”

  • Numbuh 1 (to Ed): What about you, Ed?
    Ed: PIE!
    Numbuh 1: A Number, Ed.
    Ed: GRAVY!
    Ed: 1337!
    Numbuh 1: Okay, Numbuh 1337.

  • Numbuh 1 (to Eddy): That reminds me. While you were waiting, I rigged the water toys Kevin bought. So, good luck with that. (he went behind a tree)
    Kevin: DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sarah: ED! SHUT UP!
    Ed: Oh oh! Sarah bad for Ed!
    Numbuh 4: I had a bad encounter with that girl. I’m going to the playground.

  • Edd: Excuse me, Numbuh 2, but who’s piloting this thing? I want to say that he or she pilots excellently.
    Numbuh 2: Numbuh 65.
    Edd: So… you mean to tell me that a KND member is piloting this thing?
    Numbuh 2: Yep.
    Ed: Cool!
    Jonny: Far out!
    Eddy: Nice!
    Edd: Not cool! NOT COOL! That person doesn’t have a piloting license!

  • Jonny: You remember these guys? You were a hunk of wood used for this type of weapon before? RIGHT ON!

  • DCFDTL: Hello, Kids Next Dorks.
    Numbuh 1: Hello, Little Kids With the Annoyingly Long Name.
    DCFDTL: That’s new. But it won’t get you a taste.
    Numbuh 1: I know. End Transmission.

  • DCFDTL: Attention, all guards. We have intruders, and they‘re the Kids Next Door, but by the noises that we’re hearing, it looks like you already found them. Anyway, they might have new members. Find them and put them in the prison along with the other party-goers.
    Edd: P-p-prison? Good lord.
    DCFDTL: Also, if you find anyone with a jar of quarters, put him in the prison too. Take the jar and bring it to us if you can. That is all.

  • Edd: Exposed.
    Eddy: Busted.
    Edd: Ed, aren’t you going to have a say in this?

  • Ed: Those meanies tried to copycat you!
    Sarah: WHAT?! Wait ‘til I get my hands on them!
    Jimmy: Give those Delightful Dummies the one, two, buckle my shoe, Sarah!
    Rolf: Rolf despises those children who are maliciously happy. Save some for Rolf.

  • Kevin: This is for kidnapping us!

  • Numbuh 1: “Who’s been putting labels on all my stuff?!” [it's obvious it's Edd!]
    Edd: “Sorry.”
    Eddy: “Warned ya.”

  • Numbuh 2: This is Numbuh 2 to Poop Squad, have you found Numbuh 4 yet? And more importantly, are you there?
    Numbuh 1: (annoyed) Poop squad? Who came up with that name? Anyway, we haven’t even gone into the bathroom yet. Did you hear the flush too?
    Numbuh 2: Yes we did. For a minute, we thought that you were goners, or worse yet, basilisk food.

  • Edd: (Trying to contact Numbuh 1, Numbuh 3, and Jonny) This is Eddward, also known as Double-D or Numbuh 3.14, come in, Numbuh 1 This is Numbuh 3.14, please respond. (concerned) ..Numbuh 1, are you there? Numbuh 1! NUMBUUUUH 1?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Numbuh 4: “Can you help me out on my math homework, Numbuh 3.14?”
    Edd: “Sure, Numbuh 4. What is the question?”
    Numbuh 4: “What’s 1+1?”
    Edd: “…you seriously don’t know the answer?”
    Ed: “1+1=1 on a bun.
    Numbuh 4: “Thanks, Numbuh 1337.”
    [Edd turned to Numbuh 2.]
    Edd: “Is he just kidding?”
    Numbuh 2 [whispering]: “He’s the worst math student ever.”

  • Eddy: “Abby and Socky...”
    Ed: “...Sitting in a tree...”
    Ed and Eddy: “...K-I-S-S-I-N-G!”
    Edd: “We are, in no way, dating, eloping or making out.”

  • Eddy: “Yep! We haven’t told anyone, though. Except for Nazz.”
    Edd: “You WHAT?!?”
    Eddy: “I’m just kidding.”


  • E.D. is an acronym for "Eds-treme Disaster".
  • This answers the question as to how the Eds know about the KND in The Grim Adventures of the KND.
  • Ed has a penpal, Numbuh 3 (reference to "No Speak Da Ed"), but he didn't reveal her name to Edd and Eddy.
  • Eddy refers the DCFDTL as the "Little Kids With The Annoyingly Long Name".
  • Edd's code number (3.14) is an approximation of the number π (pi).
  • Eddy was able to get inside using a forged invitation, thanks to Ed.
  • The kids' numbers:
    • Ed: 1337
    • Edd: 3.14(/(Double-)D)
    • Eddy: 777
    • Jonny: 2x4(-Tempoary)
    • Eddy's Brother: 666
  • In chapters 3 and 4 there are references to episodes of both shows (EEnE and KND).
  • In chapter 10 it is revealed that Ed is allergic to hamsters.
  • Also in chapter 10 Edd's labeling addiction is extended by labeling all the items in Numbuh 1's room.
  • When the kids plan revenge on the DCFDTL, Jimmy tells Sarah to give them the "One, Two, Buckle-my-Shoe". this is what he told Sarah in "For Your Ed Only".
  • The Toiletnator appears in chapter 11.
  • Running Gag in chapter 11: Ed thinks there's a basilisk on the loose. This is also a Harry Potter reference, as he says that it's hunting down the Muggle-Borns.
  • Edd almost says the S-Word cuss, but replaces it with Crud.
  • When Edd  mentions that Jonny sleeps midday, he is referencing "Key to My Ed"
  • Ed's Numbuh is 1337 which is also the word Elite in The 1337 Language.
  • Ed seems to have forgotten about the running gag in Chapter 11 before the events of Chapter 12.
  • It is mentioned on TEd711's comments on T3E that he will make a deleted scene.
  • What's under Edd's Hat is revealed.
  • Edd is revealed to have been a KND Cadet in the past.
  • When Numbuh 3.14 is contacting Numbuh 1, he makes a reference to Metal Gear Solid when he says "Numbuh One, are you there? Numbuh One?! NUMBUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHH OOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". It is a reference to when you get a "Game Over", because you hear "Snake? Snake? SNAAAAKKKEEE!"

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