Based on a few clues given in the show, fanart was released showing Ed, Edd and Eddy's parents (5 july, 2009). As an extra, the Kankers' mother was also included.
On august 20, 2009 the Kankers' fathers were designed and on june 4, 2010 the other parents followed.

Designs and personalities were created by VampireMeerkat.

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Ed's Parents

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Last uploaded design of Ed's parents (2013)

38 years old
In general Angela is a sweet mother, but has strict and harsh outbursts like Sarah's towards her husband, Tim. She always chooses Sarah's side over Ed's whenever he's in trouble.

38 years old
Tim is a kind, but lazy man. When he's not at work he likes to spend his time watching television.

Edd's Parents

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Last uploaded design of Edd's parents (2013)

40 years old
A skinny woman who used to have a serious obession with pears, that got toned down by Lennard after she gave birth to Edd. She cares alot about her only son, but wished for more children when she was young.

55 years old
He is a man who likes living by the rules and thinks that making a career is more important than anything else.

Eddy's Parents

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Last uploaded design of Edd's parents (2013)

42 years old
Jessica is the boss around the house. She's usually called "Jackie" by her husband and friends, because of her husband's name and their similar posture. As she likes a different hairdo so now and then, and possesses a big collection of wigs to satisfy that need.

40 years old
Unlike his dubious appearance would suggest; he is a friendly giant, though strict when he needs to be.

Kankers' Parents


Last uploaded design of the Kankers' mother (2013)

(For more information about the Kankers' mother, click here)
32 years old
Bebe is a woman with a long and tiresome past. Even so, she's always been determined to keep on going. Even though she bears a hatred for men, and tries to pass on that hatred to her daughters, she secretly seeks love and is a very romantic type. While it may not look like it.
She sometimes tries to seduce Tim, Lennard, and Jack when they're around, even though they are married. This situation is similar to the Kankers' and the Eds', though the Kankers are not aware of their mother doing this. Neither are Ed, Edd and Eddy, since their fathers rather not talk about it.

May's father was the last boyfriend she had.


Last uploaded design of Lee's father (2013)

(For more information about Lee's father, click here)
Benjamin (Butch)
Age of encounter: 45
Lee's father. He impregnated Bebe when she was 18.
Not much is known about him, besides that he is a show-off who likes to travel around the country on his motorcycle.
He ran for it when Bebe told him she was pregnant.


Last uploaded design of May's father (2013)


Last uploaded design of Marie's father (2013)

(For more information about Marie's father, click here)
Bobby Juna (Bubba)
Age of encounter: 18
Marie's father. He impregnated Bebe when she was 19.
Bobby Juna came from a rich and proud family, but since he didn't feel like he belonged, he ran away. He has the gift to seduce women and always multiple girlfriends who give him food and shelter. Bebe was one of them.

(For more information about May's father, click here)
Age of encounter: 34
May's father. He impregnated Bebe when she was 20. He is the only father who doesn't know he has a daughter. Rod was kind and honest man, and his relationship with Bebe was by far the best. But as he was also very old-fashioned; and insisted on marriage and the gender role, Bebe chose to break up with him right away.

Rolf's Parents

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Rolf parents

Rolf's parents as they were first designed.

Anja, black hair, 43 years old.
Anja is a curious and cheerful woman, but has alot of trouble speaking the English language, which she hardly does, so she's usually very non-verbal when others are around. Her hospitality has no limits and she sees everyone as a friend.

Floris, white/grey hair, 60 years old.
A big, proud ex-shepherd. His English is better than his wife's, but not better than Rolf's.

Kevin's Parents

(For more information about Kevin's parents, click here)

Kevin parents

Kevin's parents as they were first designed.

Elisabeth, black hair, 40 years old.
An energetic woman who loves sarcastic humor. Kevin doesn't have a good relationship with her because he thinks she isn't his real mother, while there's nothing that indicates that. Because of this, Elisabeth often tries to spoil or impress Kevin.

Dennis, orange hair, 38 years old.
Dennis is a friendly man with an undying kindness towards everyone he meets. He's not aware of his son being a bully. He works in the nearby jawbreaker factory.

Nazz' Parents

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Nazz parents

Nazz' parents as they were first designed.

Jolene, blonde hair, 37 years old.
Jolene walked alot of beauty pageants in her younger years and was a loved model. She and Martin know each other from a catwalk show she attended when she was 21, and their families visited each other ever since.

Martin, blonde hair, 33 years old.
He is a very shy man who doesn't really feel comfortable around others. He smiles alot because he isn't good with words.
He used to be extremely overweight, but is now a gym teacher.

Jimmy's Parents

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Jimmy parents

Jimmy's parents as they were first designed.

Sasha Ann, light blonde hair, 30 years old.
She is silent and overall easy to scare, since her parents were very overprotective when she was little.

Jonathan, blonde hair, 39 years old.
A charming and protective man, but only to his wife. Jonathan has a very short fuse.

Jonny's Parents

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Jonny parents

Jonny's parents as they were first designed.


Nicki, brown hair, 45 years old.
She and Tom were childhood friends. She is an optimistic, chubby woman who is very hard to anger. She thinks that Tom's jokes are funny, no matter how lame they are.

Tom, brown hair, 45 years old.
He and Nicki were childhood friends. He loves making jokes and spurting out cheesy one-liners. His jokes always seem to annoy everybody, except his wife.

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