Peach Creek Army


  • May 11, 2007
  • Gagg 11, 2983


  • May 15, 2007
  • Gagg 15, 2983


To fight for Earth & end the Space Wars


  • Kevin (leader)
  • Eddy (co-leader)
  • Edd (inventor)
  • Ed (private & weapons officer)
  • Sarah (private, demolitions expert, grenadier)
  • Jimmy (private)
  • Rolf (private)
  • Nazz (private)
  • Jonny (private)
  • Plank (private, strategy officer)



Peach Creek Army is an alliance formed by Kevin, The Eds, the Urban Rangers & the kids (Peach Creek Republic).



Peach Creek Army is formed by the Peach Creek Republic to fight the X Empire, it's first purpose was a switch, to fight & save Rolf & then, it's second purpose, to fight the X Empire, return to Earth & save it.

Space Wars

Battle at Rolf's House

Main Article: Battle at Rolf's House

The beginning of the Space Wars, began with the Battle at Rolf's House.

Results below:

  1. Sarah
  2. Jimmy
  3. Jonny
  4. Plank
  5. Nazz
Causes of casualty's:
  • Sarah (survived): After propelling her perfume into Rolf's house, it was put as a withdraw fire, she survived the blow, but was severely injured.
  • Jimmy (survived, abandoned): After seeing Sarah's withdraw fire, Jimmy abandoned the battle by hiding in the mailbox, he didn't come out until the battle ended, or until Sarah pulled him out.
  • Jonny (survived): Stuck in Rolf's chimney, caused Plank's casualty
  • Plank (survived, accidental): Jonny got his head stuck in Rolf's chimney & accidentally rained down ketchup & mustard on Plank.
  • Nazz (not a real casualty, sacrifice/bait): Nazz was set up as bait, If Rolf's hat was a real Andromedical Octopius, Nazz would've felt the taste of a Kiss of Disaster, The Kiss of Death.

Battle of Andromeda

Main Article: Battle of Andromeda (Battle of Andromeda is inaccessable at this time, redirected to Space Wars)


Peach Creek Army (survived, captured in alarm): The Army was captured by surprise but wasn't killed because of the scientists' & Empire's influence to keep them alive for study.

Causes of Casualty's:


Battle of Planet X

Main Article: Battle of Planet X (Battle of Planet X is inaccessable at this time, redirected to Space Wars)

  1. Peach Creek Army

2. X Empire

Cause of Casualty's:
  1. Ed (survived, captured/rescued):The X Empire captured Ed as the Eds tryed to retreat with the kids. He was rescued by the two Eds.
  2. Peach Creek Republic (survived, captured/rescued): The Urban Rangers & kids were captured, all in labs, however, Jimmy was retained & cloned in liquids to see clones reactions to chemicals between the real one.
  3. X ghosts (real casualty): Killed by an overcharge from a X ghost repulsor while they attempted to Kiss the Eds.
  4. X Empire (real casualty): Killed by Eds & the Army.

Flight to Earth

Main Article: Flight from Planet X

  1. Peach Creek Army
  • Eds
  • Urban Rangers
  • Kids

2. X Empire (through X ghosts)

Cause of Casualty's:
  • X ghosts (real casualty): Killed by the repulsor for trying to Kiss the Eds, Urban Rangers & Kids.
  • X Empire Soldier (real casualty, accidental): Killed by Kissing an X ghost by mistake, intended for the Eds,

Main Article: Flight from Andromeda

  1. Peach Creek Army
  • Eds
  • Urban Rangers
  • Kids

2. X Empire

  • X fighters
  • X interceptors
  • X ghosts (backup)
  • X fighters
  • X interceptors
  • X Empire soldiers (possible casualty)
Cause of Casualty's:
  • X fighters/X interceptors (real casualty): Killed by Army's laser cannons.
  • X Empire soldiers (possible real casualty): [If it occurred] X ghosts lost control & Kissed every crew member.

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