Peach Creek Army's Forts

Fort Names:

  • (Earth) Fort Peach Creek
  • (Planet X) Fort Ed


  • Fort Peach Creek (May 11-12, 2007)
  • Fort Ed (Gagg 12-15, 2983)

Known inhabitants or permanent residents:

Dates are part of the:

The forts of Peach Creek Army were located on Planet X & Earth


Fort Peach Creek

Fort Peach Creek was the first hideout & base for Peach Creek Army, it was abandoned for Planet X before the Army went to commence the battle at Rolf's house. It was underground, it might've have been removed or buryed for the Army never found it or went looking for it or abandoned it on purpose because the Cul-de-sac was under alien control.

Fort Ed

Fort Ed was the second & last base for the Army, the Army fled the base after planning a way back to Earth & stole the X Empire's starfighters & modified them into four gunners. Fort Ed was abandoned by the X Empire & the Army & was destroyed when the Army fled, Demental crushed it & the fort was destroyed.

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