it was morning and the last 3 eated their foods and grim appeared " hello final 3 its time for the semifinal and then when just one eliminated goes today and then tomorrow will be the final challenge so lets begin today the challenge go to studio 13 for the challenge " grim said and ed , eddy and rolf are at studio 13 " okay today you will catch two apes " grim said and showing the 2 apes " wait a minute why 2 apes we are 3 " eddy asked " well its simple your three and if two of you three get the two apes the one who doesnt have a ape is eliminated now begin the challenge " grim said and ed , eddy and rolf begin their hunt . a ape was sleeping and eddy see and he was sneaking very slowly and was trying to capture the ape but the ape wake up and he run away " oh man " eddy said , rolf seen an ape and he jump to capture but he escaped " son of a gun " rolf said and ed seen an ape and ed run to the ape but the ape run away " come back to your master " ed said , eddy put many bananas to capture the ape and the smell goes to the ape and the ape goes to where the smell comes from and he sees bananas and star eating then and then a cage captures him " gotcha " eddy said " looks like eddy get a ape so one is left will ed and rolf get or not " grim said and rolf tried with brute force to catch the ape but dint work and then the ape dint notice that ed was behind his back and ed jumped behing the ape and captured him " eddy and ed win the challenge and they get 10 points and rolf is eliminated sorry rolf but its time to go " grim said and rolf goes to the lameosine " now there are 2 left who will win the competition , who will came back home as a milionare find out in Holly-ed .




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