Gimme Gimme Never Plank
Credits: A hunk of wood with a face drawn on
Portrayer: Christian Potenza(Total Drama Ed(2))
First Appearance: Ed Edd n Eddy Episode "The Ed-Touchables"

Plank is a character from the Ed, Edd n Eddy series on Cartoon Network.

This page is for Plank from ANY person's continity! If you are looking for a full article from our canon counter part, click here.


  • Once an Ed, Always an Ed - in this story, he and the kids were roleplaying and he pretended to be Jonny.
  • Plank's Perspective - If Plank wasn't real.
  • The History of Plank - In this story Plank had a previous owner named Kennedy in 1995. The next year Kennedy had to move. Plank and him were in the woods. Kennedy had to put Plank's parents, Elias and Riley in his family truck. He left Plank their and forgot him. Three years later Jonny was exploring in the same woods and found Plank. He befriended Plank.
  • Peach Creek Coblers Season
Plank Imprisoned

Plank imprisoned in the Spy Eds series

Video Games

Plank's Alter Egos

See Also


  • In the History of Plank, he can talk. In Ed Edd n Eddy he only talks to Jonny because he is the only one he trusts.
  • In Postcards from Ed, Kennedy came to Peach Creek to look for Plank. He put posters and Jonny saw one. He went to the place Kennedy was saying. Kennedy let Jonny keep Plank unless he watched his parents Elias and Riley. Kennedy also made Plank cousins. They were the planks at the end of that episode.

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