Date written: August 7, 2009
Writer: rcmero/Yoshermon
Title Reference: Portal
Link: [1]
Next Fanfic: "Edbound"

Port-Ed is a crossover between Ed, Edd n' Eddy and the game Portal, created/written by rcmero and co-written/edited by Yoshermon. A sequel is currently in the works entitled Port-Ed 2.

Main Characters

Ported2 logo

Logo for the sequel for this fanfic, entitled Port-Ed 2.

  • Edd: Plays the roll of Chell from Portal as the playable character. He gains the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device (ASHPD) and undergoes a series of tests.
  • GLaDOS (Generic Lifeform and Disk Operating System): created by Aperture Science to replace the employees in their difficult tasks (according to Portal: Prelude). GLaDOS is also the final boss of Portal.


  • Eddy:"Fine! Throw us off! When I get rich and famous you'll never work in this town again!"

  • GLaDOS: "Welcome to the Aperture Science Enrichment Center. My name is GLaDOS. We are very pleased to have new test subjects and hope they may pass with flying colors."
    Eddy: "What the heck was that?!"
    Ed: "It's the disembodied she voice from the planet-"
    Eddy: "Shut it, Ed!"
    GLaDOS: "Please proceed to the testing preparation center. Cake will be served after-"
    Ed: "Cake!"
    Eddy: "Shut up, Ed!"
    GLaDOS: "-and we are all as excited as you are to pass."

  • Edd: “Gentlemen, I suspect this is a trap.”
    Eddy: “Well, you’d have to be pretty stupid to fall for that trick.”
    [They looked inside the portal and saw nothing but blackness. That is, until a light turned on to reveal a table, upon which was...]
    Ed: "CAKE!!! Yum yum yum!”
    Edd and Eddy: "NO ED!"
    [But the portal closed immediately after Ed went through.]
    Eddy: “Ed!” [Eddy sank to the ground, hoping for the portal to return.]
    GLaDOS: “This is your fault. It didn’t have to be like this.”
    Eddy: “But… why monobrow…”
    GLaDOS: “I’m not kidding now. Turn back or I will kill you.”
    Eddy: “Why…”
    GLaDOS: “I’m going to kill you and all the cake is gone.” [Eddy slowly started getting up.] “You don’t even care, do you? This is your last chance.”
    Eddy: “NEVER!!!"


  • While not appearing directly in the fic, the author plans to include Edna in the story - sort of like the Rat Man, if you will.
  • There is a reference to Scrambled Ed and Tag Yer Ed in chapter 5.

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