Professor Scam is one of Eddy's alter-egos. In this form, he is a villain, usually out to oppose Captain Melonhead. The first time they met was easy for Captain Melonhead to take him out but he said he would return and he did in a big way. That time it was a bigger battle and harder for Captain Melonhead and he acually defeated Captain Melonhead by using his Ray of riches the police found the body of Captain Melonhead they tried to find Professer scam but he disappered and never returned and still we can not find him.

If you are looking for a full article from our canon counter part, click here.


  • Super speed - Runs faster then the speed of light.
  • Dollar sense - Sense that tells him where money is.
  • Black belt - Really good at hand to hand combat.
  • Temptaion - Conveneses you to fight on his side.
  • Dollar whip - A whip that rips the money out of your pocket and the skin off your body.
  • Dollar gun - Shocks the victums body and paralizes your body up to 2 years.
  • Ray of riches - Poisons and burns you to death.

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