Rachel Carlyle by squeaken1

The most recent pic of Rachel to date.

Edna and Rachel by squeaken1

Another pic of her but with her close friend Edna

Rachel Carlyle Is a character appearing in Ed, Edd, Eddy, n Edna created by Squeaken1. She is Edna's new friend.

"Rolf's has been reduced to that of a size of a baby's bazoo."-- Rolf

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Note, some of this info only applies to her appearance in Technomaru's "Ed, Edd, Eddy n Edna" fan fiction.

Full Name: Rachel Carlyle
Age: Between 11 and 12
Occupation: Best friend, Junior High School student, Formerly a "go-fer" for the Killer Sisters.
Nationality: Caucasian

Hair color: Blue or Black
Tongue color: Unknown
Height: The same height as Jonny 2x4
Normal attire: A purple vest with a white collared shirt and a red skirt
Winter gear: Unknown
Festival Attire: A Kimono with the same colors as her normal attire.
Personallity: Very shy, understanding, unusual, unique, lonely, silly, desperate for friends and to be loved, couragous (when driven to), and smart. She can also become very desparate when she wants something really badly.
Talents: Makes friends easily when given the chance, knows the locations to many things, and has a lot of info on the Killer Sisters. She also has the talent of getting herself into trouble.
Family: Unknown
Friends with: Splinter: her plank of wood, Ed,Edd, n Eddy, May Kanker, Jimmy, Sarah, Jennifer (the same one from "The Aspie Girl"), Nazz, the Kimono Siblings (Ryoko, Hikari, Kasumi, and Kitaro) and her boyfriend Jonny 2x4. When she is not in "Ed, Edd Eddy n Edna", she is only friends with Jonny, Plank, Splinter, and ocationally the Eds, May Kanker, Nazz, and squeaken1's oc Roxy. (I say ocationally, because Rachel has done some drastic things in the past to try to get Eddy to notice her, and they didn't go over so well....but this only applies in squeaken1's roleplays).
Enemies with: Kevin, those two other Kanker Sisters, but most of all the Killer Sisters.
Residence: Peach Creek Estates, next to Eddy's house.

Former Residence: Lemon Brook (and she's glad she moved away).
Likes: Adventure, music, dancing,  video games, stuff that makes her laugh, japanese comics and anime, anyone who says nice things about her, and being with her friends, especially the male Eds and May Kanker. When Ed does something stupid. She also likes being with Jonny and Plank.
Dislikes: The Killer Sisters! and remembering what it was like being with those three back in Lemon Brook. Plus her enemies and those who wish to bring harm to her friends/nakama. When Eddy does something stupid. And being mistaken for Edna.
Favorite Anime/Manga: Bleach, Sgt. Frog, Fruits Basket, Full Moon, InuYasha, Pokemon and Teen Titans

Favorite Book: Nightlight. (really, any sort of book that makes her laugh).

Influences: Her parents, her intrests, and Jonny. Her intrests influence her to do some crazy and drastic stuff some times, but with Jonny by her side, she can always get herself out of those messes.

First appearance: Ed, Edd, Eddy, n Edna chapter

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  • Like Edna she also appears in "Courage the Cowardly Dog Jr." as Edna's classmate in John R. Dilworth elementary school. She first appears in chapter 2.

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