Ranger Elite is a Fan-fiction with The Eds on a Planet Called Sekrioth With a War Between The Urban Rangers and The Dark Rangers, Each Team has Armour That Represents There Team and Own Tanks.


When Eddy Declares War against The Urban Rangers, The Urban Rangers Accept and Lucas wants it on The Forest Planet Sekrioth, Both Teams have a Base, Every Member has a Gun and Armour But a Little Too Much Rivalry.


Dark Rangers:

  • Lucas: The Leader, He is armed with The Most Powerful Weapon.
  • Ed: A Member Who Does What Command Says, He is On Captain Ivan's Squad.
  • Edd: A Mechanic Who Repairs The Tanks and Ships, He is Also on Ivan's Squad.
  • Eddy: A Member Who Sits Back and Watches The Others Die Urban Ranger or Dark Ranger, When Ever He is Assaulted He Actually Fights Back, He is also On Captain Ivan's Squad.
  • Captain Ivan: The Captain Of The Ed Squad, He is Second In Command.
  • Josh: An Elite, Brother of The Elite Spike, He is a Pilot In The Elite Ship
  • Spike: An Elite Like his Brother, He is The Co-Pilot of His Brother.

Urban Rangers:

  • Rolf: The Leader, He Doesn't Know How to Pilot a Ship and Only Gives Orders.
  • Jonny: A Member Who Will Follow any Mission Request, He Uses Plank For a Weapon as Well as Advice.
  • Jimmy: A Member Who Only Pilots Ships, He Will Never Attack Without his Ship.
  • Plank: Gives Jonny Advice, He is Also Used As A Weapon.
  • Face Crusher: An Elite Who Uses a Medieval Flail, He has The Most Kills.
  • Kevin: He Joined When he Heard That There was a War with The Eds, He Uses Sub-Machine Guns.


  • This Was Inspired By Red vs. Blue.
  • There Armour Is Like Stormtrooper Armour.
  • Urban Rangers Have Aqua Blue Armour, Dark Rangers have Black Armour, Urban Elites Have a Sliver Helmet and Blue Torso, Trench Coat and Cape, Dark Elites Have The Same Except With a Red Torso, Cape and Trench Coat.
  • There Ships Are Like Arwings from Star Fox (Not The Elite Ships)

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