The Renagade Warship was another ship seen the fan made series Ed Trek. The ship only appears fully in Ed Trek: The Return of the Enterprise.


The ship bares a striking reslemblence the giant hawk and is way than a Super Star Destroyer from Star Wars. The bird on the bottom has been replace with that of a Kids starfleet symbol. The ship has a ability to hide itself as meteors and other space debris.


As mention on the page of the EDS Enterprise E, the ship features Photon Torpedoes. The ship has a traction beam so the crew can pull the ship closer to board it. The ship has a flaming ball cannon.

Known Crew Members

The ship has once been commanded by Captain Kevin, Letruinent Rolf, Medical Nazz.


After Casimus Prime was saved by Eddy, Edna prepared the Enterprise EE to attack and destroy Sarah's and Jimmy's space station, Casimus orders his crew to destroy the warship, Rolf escaped on a private shuttle and returned to his farm.


  • At the end of Ed Trek, Kero and TyRolfakus are seen at the end, overlooking the skematics for the Warship as The Kankercons (and for some reason Johnny) build the ship. Before Rolf and Kero start laughing evily Kero says "This time, it will be us who is victorious".Unfortuntly they were hit by floating peice of Enterprise E. This caused them to suffer memory loss.(for a while)

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