"Revenge of the Eds"
Date written: 2009
Writer: Astroscamp

Revenge of the Eds is a fan-fiction series by a random fan (Astroscamp).

Changes from the first series

  • Eddy's Older Brother is in the series.
  • Eddy is a lot meaner than usual.
  • Edd can break the forth wall (and walk through it).
  • The Rocket Car and the Rocket return, but have rocket engines.
  • The Minds of Ed and Eddy are switched.
  • The scams will be at a higher quality.
  • The entire cast lives near a volcano, complete with an amusement park, Volcania.


  1. "Ed, Go for Throttle-Up": Eddy reconstructed the rocket, but Edd thinks it will blow up.
  2. "Breaking the Ed-Barrier": It is just a quiet day in The Cul-de-Sac, until a newer version of the Rocket Car (with the Eds in it) zooms at 800 MPH. Kevin then challenges the Eds to a race. Who can win the race?
  3. "Operation: Desert Ed": After The Kanker Sisters Ambush the Eds, the Eds use the black-hawk to counter attack them.
  4. "Super Ed Bros": Edd develops an 8-bit video-game console for a scam. Everyone liked it, until Nazz got trapped in the console forever.
  5. "Roller Coaster Tycoon Ed": After a newly constructed roller coaster was built by Edd, The Eds ride on it. Ed even spotted an opportunity for a scam, but will this plan work?
  6. "I Will Pronounce This Couple Husband and Ed": Eddy's Older Brother tells Eddy he gets to kiss "Dream Date." But, what he doesn't know is that he has to make out with Lee Kanker!
  7. "Apollo Ed-Teen": After another scam gone wrong, Eddy decides to check the quality of his scams.  However a high-quality scam called "Ed's Space Rocket Shop" was succesful until an explosion occered on one of the rockets.
  8. "Euro Ed-Land": The eds and the rest of the kids Take a break form scamming and go to Volcania, only for the volcano to erupt.  (First appearence of the Battteri Chagrz.)

Scams that take place:

  1. None
  2. G-Zero Race
    Overview: A race between Kevin and Eddy in sound-barrier breaking hover-crafts (it took place after the rocket car completed it's run).
    Success: The car Eddy rode in crashed. Even though Kevin won, the Eds got jawbreakers.
  3. None
  4. 8-bit Double D's Video Game Retail
    Overview: A sore in Edd's garage that sells experimental 8-bit Video Game consoles and games that go with it.
    Failure: Nazz got trapped in one of the games.
  5. Serial-Thriller (or just "Thriller")
    Overview: A 150-foot high roller coaster with 10 loops
     Semi-Failure: Only one person actually liked the ride, so everyone else demanded refunds.
  6. None
  7. Ed's Space Rokkit Shop

          Overview: A store selling expendable launch vehicles

           Semi-Sucess: While most of the rockets worked, Kevin's rocket had a major malfunction.

      8.  Ed's Musik Lessonz

          Overveiw: The eds teach music to the kids



       9. Battteri  Chargrz Concert

        Overveiw: The Batttei Chagrz Perform a heavy metal concert

         Major Sucess:  A total of $100 was paid to them, and everyone loved the music.