Ro-berta is an episode of Ed, Edd n Eddy's Brand New Show!


Edd has his hands full with projects, so he builds a robot assistant to help him when his friends aren't around. After she proves to be defective, he shuts her off and decides to dismantle it. Eddy comes over to help Edd and accidentally activates it. She finds him to be adorable (possibly due to his size) and instantly grows smitten with him. She then vows to never leave his sight, much to his dismay. When Edd finds his robot assistant hugging Eddy, he turns her off again. The next day, she is reactivated once again and Eddy finds her better than the Kankers and tries to give her a chance, but ends up driving her away. The kids see and Kevin makes fun of Eddy, but then Ro-berta falls in love with Kevin, which makes Eddy tease him. She then goes after Kevin, who resists, and she falls back in love with Eddy. Edd decides to shut her off and dismantle her, and make sure she is never activated again.

Then a new kid walks in the scene and witnesses what has happened. When she asks and Edd answers, she seems amazed. (to be continued in the next episode.)


  • Ro-berta: Where are you, my sweetie pie?
Eddy: AUGH!!!

  • Roberta: Need your pillow fluffed, sweetie?
Eddy: Sure.
Edd: How is everything?
Eddy: Fine. She's not so bad after all.
[Roberta returns]
Eddy: Hey, baby... you and me, should paint the town! Whaddya say, baby-cakes?
Ro-berta: Eek! [runs away]
Edd: Eddy!
[The kids witness what has happened]
Kevin: Hey, dorky! Havin' some girl problems, aren't ya?
[Ro-berta looks lovestruck] : Hello, and who might you be? Come here and give me a kiss!
Kevin: No way! [struggles to get free from her]
Eddy: Hahahaha!


  • This is the first (and last) appearance of Alana in the series.
  • Although Edd says he would take Ro-berta apart, he rebuilds her in another episode.

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