"Robot Rebel Ranch: The Movie"
Date written: 2009
Writer: Edd1997|

Robot Rebel Ranch: The Movie is an Ed, Edd n Eddy fanfic by Edd1997, in which the Eds make a movie that is a parody The Second Flim Of the Eds

 (1999)          Eddy Was Kidnapped By Babyface

                   Can Ed Save The Day ?

              Or Babyface Will Put Suitcase To Japen


This Is The  Second Flim Of Ed,Edd,Eddy 

Ed Story 2 ( Part 1 Of 2 )

Level 1. Cul -de - Sac

Level  2. Jonny's Neigbhood

Level 3. Bombs Away Boss Level :  Robot Dog   

Level 4.   The Docks 

Level 5.  Truck chase [ Ed Mobile

Level 6.Slime Time  Boss Level : Bane

Level 7. Robot Rebel Ranch 

Level 8. Ed's Bespin Suits

Ed Story 2 ( Part 2 Of  2 )

Level 9. Escape From Robot Rebel Ranch Boss Level :  Giant Robot

Level 10. Elavator Hop

Level 11. Al's Penthouse

Level 12. Cloud City Duel Boss Level : Darth Vader

Level 13.Airport Infiltration

Level 14. Tramac Trouble 

Level 15. Prospector Showdown Boss Level : Gunslinger,Blacksmith ,Prospector

And Babyface Crying     

When the movie ends, Eddy is happy  is Back Home Again

   Prevouis Movie                      Next Movie

  Ed Story (1995)                    Ed Returns (1992)


Ed: The Robots Are Coming ! The Robots Are Coming ! 

Edd&Eddy Saw Two Giant Robots (Parodies Stromtroopers  a Scene From Return of The Jedi)